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This tool supports moving apps between various playback devices. It also offers both classic and modern app volumes. Features: It helps you to control the default audio device with a couple of clicks. Matches the look and feel of windows. Integrated with Feedback Hub. This tool allows you to calibrate your audio with just the slide of your finger. It also provides a preset feature to match the different genres of music. Features: This sound equalizer Windows 10 offers full control to fine-tune your favorite music.

Helps you to increase the volume beyond its regular limits safely Audio across various devices App volume controller Amazing and powerful audio effects It offers you a thrilling game experience with nasty effects caused by ambient noises being filtered out. Features: Helps you to restore lost quality with bit floating-point processing Helps you to boosts audio signals Allows you to improve the volume of your computer Get high-quality audio in minutes.

You can easily toggle the program on and off as per your requirements. The tool also helps you to enhance the overall audio output without the need to adjust each band separately.

Features: Enhance your bass tone settings without masking it Boost low tones and helps you to enhance the overall audio output You can enhance the overall audio output without adjusting each band separately. This Windows equalizer allows you to create custom presets to use with your programs. This PC equalizer tool makes your music, movies, and video games come alive. The tool allows you to manage any audio sources from any audio devices or applications.

This tool helps you to adjust the volume of the sound. Download FXSound. Bongiovi DPS is the next application on our list. Bongiovi DPS also offers a day trial period to try the software for its users. After the trial period ends, users will have to buy the entire package.

Download Bongiovi DPS. Bass Treble Booster is another freemium equalizer for Windows. This application has been developed by Mypcsoft. Bass Treble Booster is another application that is available on a free-to-try basis.

Download Bass Treble Booster. Breakaway Audio Enhancer is the penultimate entry in our list. Breakaway Audio Enhancer is another freemium application on the list. This application is available for free on a day trial period. Download Breakaway Audio Enhancer. Graphic Equalizer Studio is the next Windows 10 sound equalizer we have on our list. Graphic Equalizer Studio is available on a free-to-try basis as well. Once you have used the trial software, you need to purchase the entire product.

Download Graphic Equalizer Studio As far as EqualizerPro is concerned, it works on Windows 7, 8. EqualizerPro supports band equalization as well. This application has been developed by Probit Software Ltd. EqualizerPro is available on a trial period of 7-days for Windows PCs. After the trial period is over, the user has to purchase its license.

Download EqualizerPro. Have you recently purchased a new Windows laptop or PC? Do you want to improve the sound quality of your device? If the answer is yes then make sure to try one of the Windows 10 equalizer listed above. Also, we have made a list of the best GarageBand Alternatives available for Windows. You can try it for free and improve sound quality on your system with its 7-days free trial period. Once you hear the audio differences with this software and if you like it then upgrade it for long term use.

If you are a Windows 10 computer user and you like audio streaming then this the spectacular sound equalizer for Windows 10 you need. Voicemeeter Banana is an advanced audio mixer software for Windows computers which gives you greater control of your audio and various creative options for your audio stream, videos, and general use. With VoiceMeeter Banana, now it is possible to easily connect, mix and record any audio sources with any audio programs.

It offers unparalleled control on audio enhancing and sound quality control. In short, Voicemeeter Banana lets you control all your audio streaming the way you want.

This advanced audio enhancer software is very popular among broadcasters, podcasters, and YouTubers. Give this free Windows 10 equalizer app a try and you will be impressed within minutes.

Graphic Equalizer Studio is a real-time sound processing application which allows you to run any kind of Windows sound application or DVD Player software beyond the equalizer. This powerful equalizer will adjust the audio stream automatic and will include the Limiter and the compressor to make sure, that the audio signal is not too loud or not too low.

Using Graphic Equalizer Studio , you can analyze all the WAV files which are stored on your computer and change the frequency levels. The rough interface of this audio equalizer software is not loved by many but it provides all the basic features which are needed in a good sound equalizer for Windows 10 and other versions of Microsoft Windows. You get a couple of preinstalled presets in this tool which can be used for manipulation of speech level, noise field, and even subwoofer.

Different presets are available if you are using full-duplex, WAR, MP3 or input only mode on your computer. You will love its integrated Compressor, Limiter und Enhancer. Many sound equalizers which are used in the audio industry by professionals are not available for free, and this is the exact same case with the dB Redline Equalizer. This is a multifunctional but really expensive equalizer for Windows 10 which is used by many professionals for enhancing the audio experience.

As soon as you will open this audio enhancer tool, you will see plenty of controls on your screen for tweaking the audio settings. The interface of this sound equalizer software is similar to analog consoles providing nobs for controlling various audio characteristics.

This powerful sound equalizer app is compatible with all the popular Windows operating systems Windows 10, 8, 7. Want to get that Bass down low while listening to your favorite songs? If yes, then you need to give a try to the Bass Treble Booster software, which is also one of the lightweight and best free sound equalizers for Windows 10 and other popular versions of Windows.

Using this sound booster for PC, you can easily change audio frequencies of songs which in turn will boost of weak down the audio output. This audio enhancer utility allows you to modify both the low and high frequencies unlimited times until the desired results are seen. The changes which are done in this equalizer software can be saved so that they can be used for later on.

You can even export the equalizer profiles which you are already having in Bass Treble booster. If you are looking for a very easy to use yet best equalizer for Windows laptop or desktop computers, then you should use the Real-Time Equalizer software.

This audio enhancer tool is great when it comes to modifications of audio signals which in turns provides a great sound experience. The sound effects that you will apply will be applied to all system sounds.

To make equalizer changes, you need to go through the process again. This process provides basic sound equalization options; checkout the different software listed below to know about advanced audio equalizers for Windows. Viper4Windows is an open source sound equalizer for PC.

It provides your system with different audio effects. Equalizer is the most used feature for bringing changes in the audio output of your system. Equalizer lets you customize the sounds effects through 18 different bands. Here you can vary the band range from dB to 13dB. You will be automatically directed to the main screen after the configuration is made. You can also save your customized settings, and load them whenever you want to. Under setting tab, you will find options like latency setting, channel pan, virtualization , etc.

Below are the other important features of this free equalizer for Windows:.


Best equalizer for pc free download.10 Best Free Equalizer Software for Windows


This equalizer for pc has a restoration technique that is second to none, and the capabilities it provides are unrivaled. This is the equalizer you need if you want the highest audio quality possible on your computer while still getting the most value for your money.

Voicemeeter can take sound quality to new heights. It is unnecessary to pay a lot of money to have expert sound adjustments performed, and the built-in equalization may then be tweaked to make your favorite tunes sound even better.

Boom 3D is the best sound equalizer software free download, and boom 3D is a Mac and Windows equalization program. With this tool, you can adjust your audio with simply a swipe of your finger, and it also has a preset option to fit different musical genres. This one-of-a-kind audio application has been created to improve your Windows PC audio experience by bringing out the finest in every sound you hear or enjoy.

This open-source audio equalization for Windows 10 allows you to adjust audio frequencies quickly. It is a sound card that can be configured on your device via a driver rather than equalization. This robust free audio sound equalizer for Windows 10 comes in two forms: a Winamp plugin and a standalone installation, and it can modify the frequency spectrum in real-time.

RealTime Equalizer is a full-featured graphic equalizer for analyzing music files such as MP3s and WAVs and real-time audio signal correction via sound card inputs. Skins are now entirely supported in RealTime Equalizer 4, making it much more customized than before. FxSound software improves the sound quality of podcasts, music, movies, interviews, and other audio files. Graphic Equalizer Studio is a free equalizer for Windows 10 that will significantly improve the sound quality produced by virtual surround sound applications.

Many features make this equalizer prominent; you can fix no sound on Windows Graphic Equalizer Studio is a sound processing program that works in real-time. This application needs at least a rudimentary understanding of audio processing, and all digital audio is equalized in real-time with this tool. EQ Audio Equalizer is our next choice for the free equalizer for Windows Voice AutoEQ is a plugin that helps you improve the quality of your voice. This free sound equalizer for Windows 10 allows you to speed up the audio processing operation, and it aids in the removal of background noise from the voice.

The Voice AutoEQ was created with conversation and clear speaking in mind, and this might be used to clean up dialogue in a movie or even a voice recording. The Windows built-in audio sound Equalizer is another equalizer on our list. There are benefits and drawbacks to being a Chrome app. On the flip side, it will only function with music generated within the Chrome web browser; it will not be able to modify the bands throughout your complete laptop.

Bass Treble Booster is a shareware free to try software with a straightforward user interface. You may easily change the frequency of the noises emanating from your Windows 10 PC. This free sound equalizer for Windows 10 is not as strong as FX Sound. Regarding the frequency range, it can execute modifications. Still, it is feasible for customers who want a more straightforward solution.

You may quickly turn the software on and off according to your needs. This free sound equalizer for Windows 10 includes A band equalization. If you are looking for a totally free and impressive equalizer, Viper4Windows is the best answer. This open-source Windows audio equalizer comes with 18 bands. They range from dB to 13dB. Besides, Viper4Windows also offers several features to make it work even better. The features include the ability to create a custom profile.

There is also an to get the size of the room where if you are listening to a file, the program changes the surround sound effect. This powerful volume mixer app works as a Virtual Audio Device which helps mix and control any audio source. Besides, Voicemeeter Banana features an audio editing feature that helps you remove vocal distortions and make audio clearer.

This also allows you to set your voice to be higher or lower. There is Graphic Equalizer Studio that lets you run almost any Windows audio application. This program also operates the WAV files in real-time. There are some features available. It automatically corrects the audio stream. Boost your audio with this plug-in app Graphic Equalizer Pro is a band audio processing tool which allows users to fine-tune their output with a great deal of precision.

Windows audio equalizer audio processing clean photos equalizer. Windows Audio Loudness Equalizer 0. A free volume control and manipulation tool for desktop devices Windows Audio Loudness Equalizer is a free tool that allows you to control the volume of individual applications on your desktop device.

Parametric Equalizer Pro – Windows stand-alone 3. Professional equalizer that allows customized settings. Windows audio equalizer equalizer equalizer for windows multimedia equalizer.

Equalify 2. A sound equalizer for Spotify. Windows audio equalizer audio equalizer for windows 7 equalizer equalizer for windows. EC Equalizer 1. Equalizer to put after distortion. AudioPLUS 2. Mp3 player with 3 band graphic equalizer.


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