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Sign In. Edit Alien Showing all items. The blue laser lights that were used in the alien ship’s egg chamber were borrowed from The Who.

The band was testing out the lasers for their stage show in the soundstage next door. The facehugger was planned to be painted green, but Dan O’Bannon , seeing the unpainted facehugger on-set, and noting how inventive its human flesh tone color was, argued for it to remain as is. Shredded condoms were used to create tendons of the beast’s ferocious jaws. It was conceptual artist Ron Cobb who came up with the idea that the Alien should bleed acid.

This came about when Dan O’Bannon ran into a wall with the screenplay in how to handle the last half of the movie. He needed a good reason for why the crew members don’t just shoot the thing and kill it but still not make it an indestructible monster that can’t be killed. The acid blood was the idea that solved this problem.

According to Yaphet Kotto , Sir Ridley Scott told him to annoy Sigourney Weaver off-camera, so that there would be genuine tension between their characters. Kotto regretted this, because he really liked Weaver. To get Jones the cat to react fearfully to the descending Alien, a German Shepherd was placed in front of him with a screen between the two, so the cat wouldn’t see it at first. The screen was then suddenly removed to make Jones stop advancing and start hissing.

The chestbursting scene was NOT filmed in one take despite the myth. The scene was filmed twice: on the first take, the chestburster did not make it through Kane’s shirt, so the crew needed to reset and shoot it again. The failed attempt is visible in the finished film since Ridley thought it made it look like the creature was struggling to push its way out, and made the scene more violent. See The Beast Within documentary where this is discussed. For the chestburster sequence, Sir John Hurt stuck his head, shoulders and arms through a hole in the mess table, linking up with a mechanical torso that was packed with compressed air to create the forceful exit of the alien and lots of animal guts which, according to Sigourney Weaver , caused the set to smell horribly.

The rest of the cast were not told that real blood and guts were being used, so as to provoke genuine reactions of shock and disgust. Apparently, this worked so well that Yaphet Kotto went home in complete shock afterwards, locking himself in a room and refusing to talk to his wife for several hours. The dead facehugger that Ash autopsies was made using fresh shellfish, four oysters, and a sheep kidney to re-create the internal organs. Filming had to be done quickly because the organic material would go bad very fast under the studio lights.

Giger ‘s original illustrations that inspired the look of the Alien, the creature had eyes. For the movie, Giger insisted that the creature have no eyes, thus giving the bleak appearance of a cold and emotionless beast that hunts by smell. Copywriter Barbara Gips came up with the famed tagline: “In space, no one can hear you scream.

Harrison Ford turned down the role of Captain Dallas. During early development, Dan O’Bannon and Ronald Shusett ran into a writing impasse while trying to work out how the alien would get aboard the ship. The original cut of this movie ran three hours and twelve minutes. Sir Ridley Scott did all of the handheld camerawork himself. The two actresses had been college mates at Yale. Ultimately, Weaver was offered the job because Streep was mourning the death of her partner John Cazale at the time of casting.

Dan O’Bannon ‘s original draft title was “Star Beast”, but he was never happy with this. It was only after re-reading his script that he noted how many times the word “alien” appeared, and realized that it was a perfect title.

It works as a noun and an adjective, and it had never been used before. The slime used on the Alien was K-Y jelly. For the Alien’s appearance on the shuttle, the set was built around Bolaji Badejo , giving him an effective hiding place. However, extricating himself from the hiding place proved to be more difficult than anticipated. The Alien suit tore several times, and, in one instance, the whole tail came off. Sir Ridley Scott mentions how much flack he got from the production studio because of how expensive the rights to the song were.

The room where Brett gets taken out by the Xenomorph was a point of contention between Sir Ridley Scott and the producers. They didn’t understand why there would be water pouring, or chains dangling in a ship such as this. Scott, feeling he needed the extra movement, stuck to his guns. Sir Ridley Scott ‘s original cut was a lot bloodier, but because of the negative reactions of test audiences, and the possibility of an “X” rating, scenes with violence and gore were cut down.

Some outtakes that can be seen in making of documentaries show longer and bloodier versions of the chestburster scene, and Brett’s death scene. Director Sir Ridley Scott originally wanted to use animatronics remote-operated puppets to portray the Alien, thereby hoping to avoid the sight of a monster obviously being played by a man in a suit.

Unfortunately, the special effects techniques at the time weren’t sophisticated enough for what he had in mind, but he agreed to an actor playing the part after being introduced to Bolaji Badejo. Badejo was a graphic artist who was discovered at a pub by one of the casting directors.

He was cm six feet almost 10 inches tall with very thin arms, just what they needed to make the Alien look less human and more insect-like. He was sent for Tai Chi and mime classes to learn how to slow down his movements. A special swing had to be constructed for him to sit down during filming, as he could not sit down on a regular chair once he was suited up, because of the Alien’s tail.

A scene originally cut, but re-inserted for the Director’s Cut, shows Lambert slapping Ripley, in retaliation for Ripley’s refusal to let her, Dallas, and Kane back on the ship. After about three or four takes of this, Scott finally told Cartwright “Not to hold back.

Really hit her. The first day that she shot a scene involving Jones the cat, Sigourney Weaver ‘s skin started reacting badly. Horrified, the young actress immediately thought that she might be allergic to cats, and that it would be easier for the production to re-cast her, instead of trying to find four more identical cats.

As it transpired, Weaver was reacting to glycerin sprayed on her skin to make her look hot and sweaty. Many producers have professional “readers” that read and summarize scripts for them. The reader in this case summarized it as “It’s like Jaws , but in space. For the scene in which the facehugger attacks, the egg was upside down above the camera, and the operator thrust it down toward the lens like a hand puppet.

The newer version is titled “The Director’s Cut” for marketing purposes, featuring deleted scenes many fans wanted to see incorporated into the movie such as the scene where Ripley discovers the Alien nest. He also deleted as much material from this cut to maintain the movie’s pacing, resulting in a new version that is actually one minute shorter than its original much like his Director’s Cut of Blade Runner was also shorter than the original version.

To preserve the shock value of the alien’s appearance, no production images of it were released, not even to author Alan Dean Foster when he wrote the novelization. The creature is never filmed directly facing the camera due to the humanoid features of its face.

Sir Ridley Scott , determined at all costs to dispel any notion of a man in a rubber suit, filmed the beast in varying close-up angles of its ghastly profile, very rarely capturing the beast in its entirety. Twentieth Century Fox almost did not allow the “space jockey”, or the giant alien pilot, to be in this movie. This was because, at the time, props for movies weren’t so large, and it would only be used for one scene.

However, conceptual artist Ron Cobb convinced them to leave the scene in the movie, as it would be the ” Cecil B. DeMille shot”, showing the audience that this wasn’t some low budget B-movie. The inside of the alien eggs, as seen by Kane, was composed of real organic material. Sir Ridley Scott used fresh cattle hearts and stomachs that were obtained from a local butchery.

The “egg tube” of the facehugger was sheep intestine. The design team tried several things but found out that organic material simply provided the desired wet and gooey look they were hoping for. Ripley mentions the facehugger bleeding acid while alive, and fears what it could do when dead. This may echo an earlier version of the screenplay, in which the dead facehugger’s skin is dissolving, and the crew is able to throw it out of the ship just in time before its acid eats through the hull.

In the chest bursting scene, Veronica Cartwright Lambert screams when blood splatters on her. Her screaming and horrified reaction were genuine, just as the shocked responses of the other cast members. They purposely weren’t told how much blood would come out and which way it would splatter on purpose, knowing that they would have the best response if they didn’t know what to expect.

In the wide shots of the Space Jockey prop, Sir Ridley Scott used his two sons to make the prop seem bigger. When Dan O’Bannon and Ronald Shusett wrote the screenplay, they did not set the action in a specific year; they had only specified as the year in which humanity had several established colonies in neighboring star systems, and suggested that the film took place some time after that. This date was subsequently used in a set of fictional Nostromo crew profiles as well, a bonus feature on the Alien Legacy DVD boxset based on backstories that Sir Ridley Scott had written for each character.

The year was later officially canonized, and has since been used to date other media in the franchise films, comics, games etc.

The spacesuits worn by Tom Skerritt , Sir John Hurt , and Veronica Cartwright were huge, bulky items lined with nylon and with no outlets for breath or condensation. As the actors and actress were working under hot studio lights in conditions in excess of one hundred degrees Fahrenheit A nurse had to be on hand at all times, to keep supplying them with oxygen.

It was only after Sir Ridley Scott ‘s and cinematographer Derek Vanlint ‘s children were used in the suits for long shots and they passed out too that some modifications were made to the costumes. Ron Cobb ‘s explanation of the what happened to the Space Jockeys: “At some point, a cataclysm causes the extermination of the adults in this unique race, leaving no one to tend and nurture the young. But in a dark lower chamber of the breeding temple, a large number of eggs lies dormant, waiting to sense something warm.

Years later, the Space Jockey race comes to this planetoid. The Jockeys are on a mission of exploration and archaeology, and they are fascinated by this marvelous temple and unknown culture. One of them finds the egg chamber and gets facehugged. He’s rescued, but no one knows what’s happened. They take him back to their ship and continue their exploration of the planet’s surface. When the chestburster erupts from the Jockey, it goes on a killing rampage until it is shot and killed.

The Alien dies, but immediately decomposes and its acid eats through the hull of the Jockey ship, leaving them stranded on the planet. The Jockeys radio out a message that there is a dangerous parasite on the planet, that nothing can be done to save them in time, and that no one should attempt a rescue.

Then the Jockeys slowly starve to death. Walter Hill and David Giler hated the names, and changed them multiple times during revisions.


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