Does Under Armour Shirts Shrink? Complete Guide

Does Under Armour Shirts Shrink?

Typically, synthetic fabrics used in Under Armour clothing do not shrink. They are woven in a manner that creates a polyester-like fabric that wicks away moisture. Due to their flexibility, they shrink much less than other natural textiles and settle quickly. As they have already acquired their natural form after being stretched over a handloom, you might think of pre-shrinking in such circumstances. However, various fabrics shrink at varying rates, such as cotton and any embroidery work that requires thick strands to display distinctive twists and turns, which causes them to shrink substantially in comparison.

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How to Shrink Under Armour

Unless natural fibers are used, an enormous Under Armour may be reduced by utilizing several techniques. Natural textiles are advantageous since synthetic ones may be made to return to their original condition over time owing to their elastic nature.

Utilizing a washer and dryer together causes natural fibers to shrink. One can take a few easy actions to shrink their oversized clothing, but they eventually grow again. As a result, you may use the same strategy repeatedly:

What Do You Need:

  1. Washer
  2. Dryer

Step 1. Always look at the label inside the Under Armour clothing for information on natural fabrics like cotton and wool. Polyester and nylon make up the non-shrinking fabric.

Step 2. Always set your washing machine washer to the hot and most extended cycle setting. When your washer is filled with hot water, immediately you put Under Armour garments in it. Then you run your washing machine washer.

Step 3. Take some Under Armour clothing to the dryer. Put clothing inside if there is a print. Till the shirt is dry, run the dryer.

Tips: –

Natural fibers are never used in Under Armour garments since they generate creases. It is always constructed of synthetic fibers.


Ironing your Under Armour Garments may harm the synthetic fiber and the vinyl printing on the material.

Under Armour Stats

FounderKelvin Plank
Age of Founding24
Started in1996
IndustrySports Apparel
Annual Revenue$1.8BB in retail sales
Number of Employees5900
Famous ForThis company makes such T-shirts through Microfibre, making an athlete cool, dry, and light.

How Under Armour Got Started?

Mr. Plank, the former head coach of the University of Maryland football team, observed that wearing skin-tight shorts keeps moisture at bay and helps athletes concentrate on practice by eliminating itching and other problems. He founded a firm to produce such skin-tight clothing in 1995 and picked the material for compression tight pants to match with other Under Armour goods.

Mr. Plank’s savings and credit card bills provided a large first investment. By selling the t-shirts, he made roughly $20,000 in savings, and after paying off many credit cards, he had $40,000 in total. After a year, he split up and faded.

However, Georgia Tech, however, proved helpful as it increased his company’s earnings and helped him make a transaction for roughly $17,000 during the first year of operation. Later, in 1997, a total of 23 NFL clubs followed suit, and this is where the series began. In the second year, Under Armour sold $100,000 worth of merchandise. Following this, the company partnered with several teams and stores to launch the multi-million dollar enterprise that today has more than 5,900 employees and sells $2 billion worth of merchandise annually.

Financed by Under Armour

Plank was the one who made the original investment in Under Armour. However, the financing was obtained and reached a level of $115 million for capital development as the firm became public within 10 years of its founding. The equities are then multiplied on the first trading day. To support and maintain UA’s rapid expansion, the business sold its whole lot of shares. The statistics for UA’s five-year growth rate are the best among its rivals, which indicates a promising future for the business.

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Important Milestones of Under Armour

While playing football at the University of Maryland in skin-tight garments in 1995, Plank had the concept for the business.

In 1996, Plank raised $20k from personal savings and $40k from credit card debt to launch Under Armour after making $17,000 in sales in the first year.

In 1997, UA sold $100,000 in merchandise to 12 NFL clubs and stores.

In 1998, Under Armour was commissioned to create clothing for Any Given Sunday.

In the year 2000, UA launched national advertising campaigns.

In 2002, the UA company’s goods were launched in 2,500 retail outlets.

MapMyFitness was purchased by UA for $115 million in 2013.

Story of Under Armour Garments

Does Under Armour Shirts Shrink?

These are the events that shaped who we are today, from product launches and ground-breaking campaigns to crucial alliances and significant bets that inspired the brand.

1996: The garment that got everything going was tender. Skintight described it. It was too far. Most importantly, it perspires more quickly than anything else, which helps to keep athletes light, cool, and dry.

1998: Kevin’s grandmother’s river home in Georgetown, Washington, DC, served as Under Armor’s first location before moving to a new headquarters and warehouse in Baltimore, Maryland. It has so far been the city’s home.

2000: The Under Armour players offered to forgo their paychecks so the company could purchase its first print advertisement, a half-page in ESPN magazine, in an effort to take advantage of the heat of any given Sunday. The action raised brand awareness and resulted in a $750,000 boost in sales.

2005: The first U.S. initial public offering to double its first day of trading in five years was Under Armor, which went public on November 18, 2005, and began trading on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol “UARM”.

2007: In Maryland’s Annapolis, Armor’s first brand-owned retail location debuted.

2008: Through its first Super Bowl ad, Under Armour unveiled its much anticipated collection of performance sneakers, which is making waves in the athletic footwear industry.

2009: With the introduction of its performance footwear line, the business took its first step into the running market.

2011: The development of Charged, a fabric that dries quicker than conventional cotton but still feels soft and pleasant, helped Under Armour further its reputation for unceasing innovation after years of fighting the war on cotton.

2015: By acquiring the fitness app businesses MapMyRun, Endomondo, and MyFitnessPal, Under Armour created the world’s biggest digital fitness and wellness community.

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2017: Under Armour developed an improved sleep system that leverages the body’s energy for power recuperation after taking inspiration from Tom Brady’s workout regimen. The secret is a delicate biochemical print on the inside of the fabric that absorbs body heat and reflects far infrared radiation into the skin to aid in muscle recovery, speed up healing, and improve sleep.


1. How can Under Armour clothing be washed without shrinking?

As Under Armour apparel is often manufactured from synthetic fibers, it does not shrink. However, it will be advantageous to allow them to get somewhat moist and then dry them outside with natural air and sunshine to prevent future complications.

2. What is Under Armour’s current market value?

Under Armour has a brand value of $3.5 billion in 2019. This year, they oversee the sales of around 14% of the US market.

3. How should I style my oversized Under Armour apparel?

One may use oversized Under Armour apparel by continually washing them in hot water and running them through the rinse cycle. Then, immediately place the garments in the dryer, which will shrink them to the appropriate size. Due to its elasticity, you may repeat this operation several times, since the objects will return to their original size.

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