How Much to Tip Hairdresser on $200, $300


According to studies, you should leave a gratuity of 20% of the entire amount for the services you get from a hairdresser. In this scenario, since your bill is $200, you tip the hairdresser at $40.

Have you finally chosen to dye your hair or acquire your desired hairstyle? Taking the leap of faith might be the finest thing you’ve done in a long time. You may also unwind by going to the hairdresser. For example, get a hair wash and your regular haircut. Include a pleasant head massage and a conversation with your stylist about life.

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However, if you are anything like me, you are aware of the oncoming tension. It’s time to tip your hairdresser right after you use the salon’s services. And you’re unsure if you should pay the additional money after the enormous bill they handed you.

Allow me to break it down for you. Your hairdresser deserves a gratuity for their services. They get their normal paycheck, although it is typically not very large. And, if you want your favorite hairdresser to give you special attention, you may want to rethink tipping them.

Tipping has no hard and fast rules. You may offer them anything you want, but I understand. Because worry is a nasty little monster, I have to offer you a figure.

Tipping is entirely dependent on your final bill and the services you use. The complexity and accuracy of it, as well as the stylist’s expertise, And tipping is a way to express your heartfelt thanks.

Before we begin, I’d want to point out that it is entirely legal not to tip the hairdresser. Stop worrying if you’re scared sick about how to proceed or if you left the incorrect type of message. It’s entirely OK not to tip your hairdresser.

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Let’s take a deeper look at each situation now:

What Is the Standard Tipping Percentage?

According to research, you should tip 20% of the whole amount. I’m not asking you to pay extra, yet hairdressers all over the globe do. This modification is not reliant on the services. It is customary to tip your stylist 20% more as a token of appreciation. For example, if your entire bill is $100, you tip $20. You may pay more, but this seems to be the generally accepted sum.

However, if you are dissatisfied with the result, do not feel obligated to tip them. Leave candid remarks and go graciously.

Shampoo, color, and blowdrying:-

Some tasks have been delegated to helpers now that we have set the tip proportion. This includes cleaning and prepping your hair for the stylist’s touch. My plan is to pay 20% of the whole amount without regard to who receives what. You are tipping for the total service rather than for specific services.

A gratuity of $20 is appropriate if your service fee is $100.

Why Do You Need to Tip Your Hairdresser?

That’s an intriguing subject, and we understand if you don’t have anything to be thankful for. However, there are specific situations that merit the additional tip that you pay.

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The Stylist’s Role:

In most salons, the preparation is handled by an assistant. However, if a stylist has individually attended to all of your demands, you may want to consider tipping him/her.

The stylist most likely accepted this job out of respect and affection for you as a client, which is where appreciation comes in.

Did they go above and beyond to meet your needs?

Hair treatments, color, and style are all affected by the condition of your hair. Let’s be real. You don’t want them to aggravate your hair’s condition. Stylists may occasionally go above and beyond standard techniques to care for your hair, as well as give ideas to improve it. That merits a tip.

LastMinute Consultation

If the salon accommodated all of your requirements and supplied you with a lastminute appointment, they deserve praise. and a suggestion. Most salons will not accept additional appointments unless they know the client well. They are expressing their affection for you, and you should reciprocate.

Do you like working with your stylist?

I’m going to ask you the most basic question. If you are pleased with the services, you are likely to return and request the same stylist. In the worstcase scenario, you’ll never want to see their face again.

If you like the services, consider leaving an additional tip.

Waiting Period

If you’re in a rush and the salon doesn’t respect your schedule, don’t go back. If you arrive early, there will be a wait, but it is their job to provide time and space for you. They provide excellent customer service if they adhere to your timetable. This question is related to your liking of your stylist and their profession. Overall, you should have a positive experience and will not hesitate to leave that tip.

How Much Should You Tip in Different Situations?

Depending on your circumstances, many possibilities may emerge. Every situation necessitates a unique strategy. The reality remains that you should tip 20% of the bill. The only difference is your ultimate cost. You may not enjoy the session due to your anxiety, but there is nothing to be concerned about. We’re also here to help with that. Read on.

If You Have A Coupon Or A Discount Code:

In a world filled with ambiguity, this is one you may encounter over and over again. If you have a coupon, contact reception and ask for the price after the discount. Pay 20% of that fee since the job performed by the stylist is the same.

InHome Consultation

Individual salons provide treatments right at your door. And, in most circumstances, you must pay via the application or software. If that’s the case, you may provide the tip in person. Pay the stylist $20 on a $100 note. This ensures that the stylist receives their due.

A stylist friend:

You don’t get to wiggle out of not paying your stylist pal just because she has helped you out a few times for free. Because your buddy puts in the same effort as other hairdressers, you owe her that gratuity. She may be courteous enough not to beg for money, but it is critical to recognize and value her effort and expertise.

Should You Give the Owner a Tip?

That is all up to you. However, some salons appreciate the gesture and may sometimes provide you with a complimentary treatment. It is just another kind of investment. So, by all means, leave a generous gratuity.

Find out who your hairdresser is:

Using their name is just good manners, and you may now leave a gratuity for the appropriate individual. If more than one person is participating in the procedure, request that the person at the desk split it equally among them. You do not have to pay more if there are numerous people, but make sure you pay the correct one and that they share the money fairly.

Different salons have different ideas for recommendations; thus, consult them before making a selection.

During the Holiday Season:

The festive season necessitates a little more. Consider it in this light.

The salons are fully booked, but your favorite stylist makes some lastminute changes and schedules you an appointment. The stylist gives you the same care he does on other days. While you enjoy a relaxing evening, the hairdresser may be working to supplement his or her income. She’ll be pleased with a tip. It is recommended that you pay 30% during the Christmas season since we can all create a little bit of goodwill and a lot of love.

Whether you receive highlights, a blowdry, or just a trim, it’s always a nice idea to thank them for their time. But, as I often say, there is no law. It’s absolutely OK if you don’t want to give a tip.

What If You Are Dissatisfied With The Services?

To begin, you must be clear about what you desire. Leaving it to your hairdresser might result in undesirable outcomes. Be explicit about your requirements, whether they be for style, coloring, or trimming.

If you’ve previously discussed it with the hairdresser and the outcome isn’t acceptable, talk to them again. In many circumstances, they can return it to you. Be courteous and appreciate the value of communication. If your stylist is professional, she will handle it maturely.

This is the point at which you may choose whether or not to leave a tip. Unsatisfactory outcomes may not merit the tip, but there is also hard labor involved. In such a case, not leaving a gratuity is permissible.

Your hair type might have a role.

Frizzy hair, like damaged hair, requires special care. However, it is not the hairdresser’s responsibility if you desire something that is not the greatest suit for your hair type. Before you give them specific directions, ask them whether it is the best thing for your hair.

Stylists determine the products to use to obtain the desired result after learning about your demands and the kind of hair you havewavy, curly, or straight. The stages might also vary, and it is often a lot of additional labor.

A Solid Tipping Range18-22%
If You Choose To Treat The Salon Owner20%
Hair Washer/Color Assistant$5-$20 (depending on time spent and quality of service)
If You Don’t Like How Your Hair Turned Out$0

Table 1.1A Guide to tipping your hairdresser

Tipping your stylist is simple. Unless you have already decided to exceed your financial limit. As was just indicated, there is now a regulation or legislation regarding the practice of tipping. There are no etiquette guidelines to follow in order to proceed with it. If you want to demonstrate your thanks and appreciation to your stylist by giving them a tip, please feel free to do so. The person at the front desk will walk you through the process of leaving a tip in the appropriate manner. You shouldn’t be concerned with the number of individuals who are participating, either. Simply instruct the front desk staff to divide it up fairly among all of them, and your work will be done.


1. Do you always leave a 20% tip at hair salons, even if you’ve just spent $300 on highlights?

If you ask me, I’d answer “sure.” Even if my stylist puts in the same amount of hard work, I still have high standards. As a result, whenever I make a purchase, I always leave a 20% tip. During the holidays, I always make an effort to leave a little bit more.

2. Why do we leave a gratuity for our hairdressers when already the prices that customers pay for having their hair done are already high?

The commission model is the basis for how salons operate. Because of this approach, the stylists only get a tiny fraction of the total payment for the job that they complete. Following that, the money is processed via the tax system. The tip that you leave for your stylist is not collected through this system; rather, it is given directly to her.

A tip is not only a means to show appreciation for the hard work and years of experience that went into giving you the hairstyle you wanted, but it is also a statement of gratitude.

3. Should you tip the owner of a hair salon?

Even if the salon owner was also your hairdresser, you should still leave a 20 percent gratuity. Even if they are the proprietor, they still deserve and will appreciate a gratuity for their services.

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4. Should I still leave a tip for the hairdresser even if I’m not happy with the cut?

I am a man, and the haircut she gave me took her less than five minutes to complete, despite the fact that it looked terrible. It might be that tips make up a portion of her income, as they do for waiters, but I’m not too sure.

Rest assured, the gratuity she receives does not factor into either her pay or her commission. It is important that you let her know how you feel about the haircut, especially if you did not enjoy it. If you are unhappy with the results of the haircut, you are not required to give a gratuity to the stylist. On the other hand, if you want to tip a little bit, you should consider paying less than the standard 20 percent.

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