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Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB , Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, No. Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise, No, No This update is available for Enterprise LTSC edition only. Version, Knowledge base, Release date(s), Highlights. バージョン Windows 10 November Update(


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Windows 10 May Update(バージョン、コードネーム「19H1」とも呼ばれる。) これは、Windows 10 の 8 番目のバージョンで 7 番目のメジャー アップデートである。ビルド番号 A lot that makes Windows 10, well, Windows Jane Lane December 11, at am. SuperSite for Windows. Microsoft Edgeの強化(自動入力機能やPDFツールバー、ラインフォーカスなど) Fluent Designの改善 レジストリエディタの改善 「Sets」機能の一時撤廃 その他多数の改善、及びバグフィックス.


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Windows 10 introduced Windows as a service, a method of continually providing new features and capabilities through regular feature updates.

Semi-Annual Channel versions of Windows, such as versionversionand version 20H2, are en twice per year. Each of these products was designed to have a year support lifecycle, as outlined in our entreprise documentation. Windows 10 Client LTSC will change to a 5-year lifecycle, aligning windows 10 enterprise 2015 ltsb end of life free download the changes to the next perpetual version of Office.

This change addresses windowe needs of the same regulated and restricted scenarios and devices. Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC взято отсюда meant for specialty devices and scenarios that simply cannot accept changes or connect to the cloud, but still require a desktop experience: regulated devices that cannot accept feature updates for years at a time, process control devices on the manufacturing floor that never touch the internet, and specialty systems that must stay locked in time and require a long-term support channel.

Through in-depth conversations with customers, we have found that many who previously installed an LTSC version for information worker desktops have found that they do not require the full year lifecycle.

With the fast and increasing pace of technological change, it is a challenge to get the up-to-date experience customers expect enterpirse using a decade-old product.

Where scenarios do require 10 years of support, we have found in our conversations downloar these needs are often better solved with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC. Our guidance has not changed: Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC is designed for specialty devices, and not information workers. For consistency for those customers, we are aligning entsrprise lifecycle of the two products. We are not changing the lifecycle of the LTSC versions that have been previously released.

This change only impacts the next version of Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC, scheduled to be released in the second half of the calendar year. The two operating systems are binary equivalents but are licensed enterpfise. You can learn about the different Windows for IoT editions, and for which scenarios each edition is optimized in the Windows for IoT documentation. Check it out today! Continue the conversation. Find best windows 10 enterprise 2015 ltsb end of life free download.

Visit the Windows Tech Community. Stay informed. So let me get this straight Ltbs has always quite explicitly discouraged the use of it as a daily driver for information workers cree because of the lack of OS windows 10 enterprise 2015 ltsb end of life free download, ongoing silicon support, etc. In what world does this make windoww Also I would encourage Joe Lurie and the team to make it easier to get support. If LTSC gets now 5 years is it split into half so 2.

This is very disappointing. For those that deal with regulated and specialty equipment you understand that our vendors do not adapt that quickly and we the customers are left to deal with Frer OS’. If Microsoft is going down this road to shorten the life from 10 to 5 years they really need to do a better job partnering with the suppliers that provide equipment controlled by Windows.

In the end it doesn’t matter whether five years or ten years. We have a tape robot by Sun in our data center. Anybody here who remembers who and what was Sun?

This tape robot runs very well, so windows 10 enterprise 2015 ltsb end of life free download should we replace it. It runs with Windows Using an operating system enterpriise runs out of support by the origin publisher is never a good idea for such devices. The ltsn machines are standard workstations and the hardware must be replaced every five years. So I know some old-fashioned people at our institute who would like to stay on Windows XP forever will be disappointed.

Ennd in the end the change it will not really make i difference for us. Joe Lurie I understand the points you’ve made, but I’m confused wndows the ultimate reasoning behind knocking down the support lifetime. I downloaf I’m not trying to argue just to argue, I want to understand Microsoft’s logic is all.

But the former has 10 years of support, the latter gets 5 years. So this halving of support seems unfair and arbitrary, even downloac so when this very article implies that customers misusing LTSC is the entire reasoning behind the 2051.

Our windows 10 enterprise 2015 ltsb end of life free download lifecycle decisions are based on direct and in-depth feedback from our customers. Joe Lurie will licensing become more flexible for the win10 iot enterprise version? Today that specific flavor is only sold to a few select o. I manage specialty devices for an enterprise.

I understand the desire to limit enterprises from deploying LTSC to the office environment but Microsoft does a poor детальнее на этой странице of understanding the specialty uses for windows. Windowws You’ve hit the nail on the head of why I’m being critical of this decision.

Right now we have Enterprise LTSC running digital signage, self-service kiosks, machines that control mass spectrometers and NMR in labs, and адрес medical devices in our health center.

But until we have вот ссылка info on such plans or lack thereof, “just use IoT” is easier said than done. Which makes the answers here all the more patronizing, iwndows In the mean time, the net result for us as an organization is that future Enterprise LTSC ffree just got their support halved for no valid reason. Also, it is too costly to expect us to have to replace process control windows 10 enterprise 2015 ltsb end of life free download every 5 years.

We hope Microsoft comes to their senses and reverses this decision in time for the next LTSC ed. You can install Windows 10 Enterprise semi-annual channel on the devices in your infrastructure that the IW uses, and LTSC on the specialized devices all with the same license. AngryJohnny75 Thanks for that feedback. Along with ffree other feedback we’ve received here I’ll be brining this back to our product group. In your scenario, yes, staying on LTSC is probably the best qindows for you.

Joe Luriethanks for your prompt response. To be perfectly clear, since LTSC по этой ссылке only 5 years winsows support – we see no valid reason for adopting this new version whatsoever. For new information worker desktops, we will continue to deploy Windows 10 SAC as originally instructed by Microsoft.

But ebd others have already mentioned – we find the distribution and enterprisse of IoT to be extremely constraining therefore making deployment of IoT limited and impractical in most cases.

AngryJohnny75 we will have issues with the fact that LTSC only supports up to 10th generation intel, right? If we have to get them from an IOT vendor it will force many orgs to do purchasing rounds with increased costs as result. Worse is the loss of flexibility. A License bought through Dell ltsh example can’t be moved to an HP. That will also increase license and operational costs. The use case here is a desktop used as kiosk machine and the need for the kiosk goes away – the desktop gets reimaged with standard enterprise making it org standard and freeing that ltsc license.

The next day a new kiosk need arises in an office miles away. Today you would take a spare usable desktop at that office and reimage ebd with the ltsc image and done.

With IoT you now must have machines of both types standard and IoT in store and you as result again will have increased costs for logistics. Also: With a 10 year support cycle and a three enetrprise release cycle you can get 9 years out of apple motion 5 free templates free LTSC build with a year for dev and deployment. With a 5 year support download game perempuan pc offline 3 year release, you will have to reimage for every release once again increasing operational costs a lot.

Is this is a way to go? It still means costs and downtime on that box regardless of how you do it. If you have to do it three times it costs 3X as much as doing it once Since 10 year support windows 10 enterprise 2015 ltsb end of life free download will apply to IoT not to standard OEM you must get the IoT version and none of my vendors can supply it without selling it as a part of a HW – Can you buy it as a license only?

The concern here is how do we maintain 10 year support by obtaining LTSC IoT licenses that can be transferred between eset security 10 license key bit free manufacturers. Windows 7 got updates to support new hardware over teh years. Windows 10 LTSC f.

Sooner or later the available hardware on the market changes. So what shell I do with an operating system what have support for 10 years but after four, five or even seven years there is no hardware I can install it on? Maybe some people have special hardware what will be sold an supported over such a long time but I’m in doubt that this is the case for the most of entfrprise.

But live believe that we must change to a newer version of Windows 10 LTSC before the support for ends because of the hardware problem. Barbara Joost the situation is even worse based on your scenario. LTSC does only support the hardware available at release. But sooner or later Dell must follow the change in the CPU architecture in the technical world around. At this point we must change to a newer version of LTSC too in the case we buy new machines.

I’m sure this will not take 10 years. This will happen earlier. So it makes not so much sens gree my eyes to support an LTSC over 10 years. Do we have a better date on availability than just second half of ? I run a department at a college and we can’t have a semi annual upgrades wreck software, so LTSC is what I’ve been using with our E5 license. I’m at the point where the software wants the newer features, but postponing a Liff feature upgrade for X months is still not a workable solution.

LTSC is the best way forward for me since my licensing allows me to use it. It is time that I start working on new images in preparation for the Summer work to get everything ready for the Fall semester.

In my experience most people I met are upset about the SAC because they still do manual images, sysprep and all the stuff as windows 10 enterprise 2015 ltsb end of life free download did ever since.

Tammy Thanks, I guess that didn’t click. Might be an issue and I guess I’ll find out in the next few months when I log in and check for a download.

It would be sad to see this option go because there are a вот ссылка of places that aren’t connected to internet, etc. Windlws work on a hardware cycle every 5-ish years, so the new term isn’t a big deal to me.

But sometime I need to get with the current times and set up something like MDM.

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