Top 10 Baby single Prams 2022 & Buying Guide

Top 10 Baby single Prams 2022 in Australia

As a parent or guardian, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of your kid. Parents are responsible for all elements of their kids’ development, from their clothing to their walking to their safety.

IMAGE PRODUCT Features Price
Calf support provides comfort for growing children Calf support provides comfort for growing children Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Stroller
  • :Protect stroller from dirt and scratches
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With Beautiful Push & Pull System With Beautiful Push & Pull System Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller
  • :Ultimate Ride-share Pram
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All-Terrain Stroller 22.49 lbs All-Terrain Stroller 22.49 lbs Aby Jogger City Mini GT2
  • :Adjustable handlebar control
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Convenient one-hand and self-standing fold Convenient one-hand and self-standing fold Easy Fold Compact Travel Baby Stroller
  • : Travel friendly lightweight design
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Customizable Stroller Customizable Stroller Joovy Qool Stroller
  • :Extra-large UPF 50 sun protection
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It is true that when it comes to picking a device that may keep people safe while they are out and about, the pram is a natural choice. Indeed, picking a pram is a rollercoaster of a decision. It is because there are so many alternatives out there that parents may not know which one to select or which one to go with.

As a result, below we will discuss some of the most popular and effective products for parents and babies alike. We will be displaying top 10 baby single prams 2022 in Australia. The table will assist in locating the greatest product in its class, one that has a narrow focus of attributes. Let us have a look at some examples of these items. Indeed, we will begin with the Pouch 2 in 1 Baby Toddle Pram, which is a very decent device with the most appealing characteristics on the list.

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Table of Contents

POUCH 2 in 1 Baby Toddler Pram Stroller

best baby single prams australia
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To begin with, we will be discussing the POUCH 2 in 1 Toddler Pram Stroller. Features and design are the main reasons why it is at the top of the list of best baby single prams 2022. There are no considerations for the infant’s protection, just for parents and their children’s needs. ‘

There is no doubt that the lightweight aluminum alloy used in its construction is the most impressive aspect of this model. Comfort is also taken into account when it comes to high-quality construction. With its reversible and detachable padded seat, it gives the youngster a comfortable place to sit. The net that protects newborns’ delicate skin is also included to ensure that children may be cared for in any scenario.

The POUCH 2 in 1 Baby Toddler Pram Stroller has a number of appealing features. Finally, all of this comes together and makes it ideal for babies between the ages of six months and 36 months old.

Positive sidesNegative sides
Cushioning experienceRestricted age of up to 36 months only.  
Reversible padded seats   
Feasibly carried   

Bottom line

Parents are usually looking for solutions that provide their children with the highest level of protection. Ultimately, parents can sit back and rest with the POUCH 2 in 1 Baby Toddler Pram Stroller because it only concerns major security and protects the child’s skin from little mosquito bites.

Recaro Performance Denali Pram

baby single pram
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Recaro Performance The Denali Pram is another high-performance beast on the list. The explanation for the all-around offerings that it provides With so many functions, parents must strongly recommend the product to meet their child’s demands.

Its initial characteristics include an extra-large canopy with UV 50+ protection. The three-position handlebar is the most uncommon feature offered by any such brand on the market. It also has a larger basket than standard baskets. Finally, parents have the ability to place numerous items in the basket at the same time. Last but not least, security is flawless. The pram has a 5-point adjustable safety belt that monitors the infant’s body movement.

Best baby single prams in Australia, parents can instantly trust the brand to keep their infant safe and comfortable.

Positive sidesNegative sides
Advanced security options  Weight limit 22kgs  
One handle fold 
Adjustable three-position handlebar   

Bottom line

This ramp is the ideal companion for your baby’s childhood if your youngster weighs less than 22.5 kg. It will benefit bringing your infant along and taking care of their health and safety.

3. Baby Jogger City Select Stroller, Cobalt

baby single pram
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This device from the Baby Jogger Company is a lightweight item essential for all home needs. It is designed to roll over time and keep your family content thanks to its metallic frame, which supports weights of up to 15 kg.

The height adjustment bar is one of the many elements on the list that stand out. Along with lightweight technology and a sturdy appearance, this aluminum frame also includes a brand-new 16-position utilization system. Finally, it increases your child’s comfort by offering cushioned chairs with different reclining positions that provide a wonderful sleeping experience.

This is how the Baby Jogger City Select Stroller maintains its reputation as a product that is worthwhile purchasing.

Positive sidesNegative sides
Recliner seatingCapable of holding much lesser weight, i.e., 15kgs.
16 position of usage   
Height adjustable handlebar.   

Bottom line

We frequently thrive on items that use cutting-edge technology or provide something more than rivals. As a result, the Baby Jogger City Select Stroller is intended to meet the needs of parents. It has a touch of real tone technology in addition to a comfortable experience.

Safety 1st Nook Stroller

baby single pram

Here is the lightest and most portable item on Australia’s Top 10 Single Prams list in 2022. It has a strong one-handed self-standing fold and never weighs more than 6.5 pounds. Parents like it over other prams due to its lightweight design since they can handle it simply when traveling or navigating the streets of a metropolis.

In addition to being the lightest, it also considers the comfort of babies by offering a numerous position recline, including replay, that is well suited for newborns. Furthermore, the Safety 1st Nook Stroller has UV 50+ protection to shield your kid from the sun’s harmful rays. The item also includes Carrie’s Reversible Seat Liner with Antibacterial Protection on Harness Pads and Both Sides. However, there is a lot to discuss regarding security. Therefore, the lockable and detachable wheels meet the requirements for general security.

Safety first The Nook Stroller is one of these high-security products, as the name implies. However, it does discuss storage alternatives utilizing carry bags that may be purchased separately.

Positive sidesNegative sides
Removable and Lockable wheels. 
Reversible seat liner   
Canopy of 50+ 

Bottom line

If you are interested in acquiring a product with a variety of security and general features, such as storage and a larger weight capacity, then the Safety 1st Nook Stroller is made for you.

JoovyQool Stroller Pram

baby single pramd
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The item is manufactured by Joovy and is available in the ever-popular Black Melange hue. The product’s appearance is so captivating that it imparts a touch of luxury. Parents seeking a luxury stroller must give it a try.

In addition to its stunning appearance, the product has a Go Together, Grow Together route. The reason for such ideas is that they are adaptable and changeable, allowing you to transform from a single to a double or triple bed. Yet having all the features it is one of the best baby single prams in 2022. This ramp’s comfy seat can accommodate youngsters weighing up to 55 pounds. In addition, the device has an Expandable Canopy that can accommodate up to 50 UPS.

We discussed its pleasant sitting accommodations. Indeed, the experience is comfortable because the cloth can be readily removed and machine-washed.

Positive sidesNegative sides
Removable seat fabricsPram weight quite heavy  
Compatible with Cybex, Britax, Maxi Cosi, etc. 
Accessories based on your family’s expansion. 

Bottom line

As the guardian or regulator of the family, you must consider the family’s growth through time. With such a durable product, you may utilize up to 56 combinations, including car seat adapters, additional seats, toddler bench seats, etc.

BebeCare Mira DLX Stroller

baby strollers
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This item from the BabeCare brand is another lightweight product with steel frames. The steel frame gives the stroller a sturdy and stable appearance but eventually results in additional weight lifting.

Although the pram may appear too basic, the number of items it contains is not insignificant. The BebeCare Mira DLX Stroller is affordably priced and has a hood extension and a five-point safety harness. Parents may not anticipate much with a lightweight steel frame, yet the safety harness is flawless and long-lasting.

In addition, the four-position full recline helps your youngster remain secure and comfortable over time.

On the other hand, after weighing all the advantages of newborns, the Positive for the parents is the product’s compact form. Ultimately, folding technology uses less room when the stroller is not in use.

Positive sidesNegative sides
Four-position full recline  Does not contain a Cup Holder.  
5 point safety harness   
Foldable technology   

Bottom line

Suppose you assess the product’s compactness when considering how to meet your child’s daily demands as the parent or guardian. The BebeCare Mira DLX Stroller is an essential baby ramp for your child in that circumstance.

Maxi Cosi Laika Compact Stroller

The product is another gem to add to the collection, with a baby ramp grey hue. It uses very lightweight, compact technology that only weighs 6.8 kg. The most essential and cutting-edge technologies are all included in the Maxi Cosi Laika Compact Stroller.

Hand-folded technology, lower weight, a 5-point harness, detachable harness pads, and an additional protective canopy are a few of these characteristics. Additionally, because they are easily adaptable, the product keeps up with greater seating postures. The Maxi Cosi Laika Compact Stroller has everything you need for a functional ramp. It is simple to meet the needs of fabric, comforts, lying positions, wheel suspension, and the removable bumper bar.

Positive sidesNegative sides
Detachable Bumper Bar  Handling is too light
Attached the Mexi Cosi Mico or city baby. 
Preferred from birth with straight laying position.   

Bottom line

The Maxi Cosi Laika Compact Stroller is an adaptable device that clears the rope separating the ramp from the roadway. Although the handling may feel lighter, the features are implemented so well that they meet the demands of parents and newborns. In addition, the hue nomad grey might complete your acquisition of a gorgeous ramp.

Love N Care Hi-Rise Tandem Stroller

best baby param
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This gadget from Love N Care is one of those machines with a cool-sounding brand name. It satisfies children’s needs by providing all of the remarkable things that provide them with the most sophisticated and enduring childhood experience.

The Love N Care Hi-Rise Tandem Stroller is one of the little baby prams that can be folded to the same size as a single stroller. The design has more cushioning to provide newborns with a sense of comfort. This enables them to have a restful snooze, generating an impressive impression. Alternatively, the product indicates the existence of canopies with a detachable hood.

Positive sidesNegative sides
Detachable hood canopiesExpensive product  
Think padding   
Foldable as with single pram 

Bottom line

With its attractive characteristics all around, this delightful product from the Love N Care company offers yet another outstanding experience. It may be folded into a single ramp because of its small construction

New 2 in 1 Baby Toddler Pram Stroller Jogger

best baby pram

The Pouch team created the new 2-in-1 Baby Toddler Pram Stroller Jogger, an amazing red hue. The item may appear to have a couple of the most typical attributes. However, due to its exceptional build quality, which makes it a perfect companion for the baby, parents are considering buying it.

The product is renowned for its two product executions in one machine, or “2 in 1” technology. Despite being lightweight, the device can transport a newborn or newborns up to 36 months old. The ramp also emphasizes a greater level of comfort thanks to the inclusion of cushioned seats that are both reversible and detachable. On the other hand, the New 2 in-1 Baby Toddler Pram Stroller Jogger offers a variety of goods with a canopy. UV cloth is used to make it. The machine differentiates itself from the line at this point.

Positive sidesNegative sides
LightweightWeak bassinet
Canopy with Uv fabric 
Reversible padded seats   

Bottom line

The New 2 in 1 Baby Toddler Pram Stroller Jogger is one of the goods that you may come across while searching for the finest single pram in Australia. However, there are specific elements of the equipment that must be taken into account prior to making a buying decision. Therefore, this will result in a purchase that is realistic.

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller

baby prams australia
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We wanted to conclude this list on a lovely note. Therefore, we came up with one of the most notable names that may complete this list. Consider the Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller for your infant’s needs while making a judicious selection to acquire a ramp. Additionally, the touch of an all-black hue makes this product’s feel and appearance alluring.

The Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller is manufactured by JOOVY and possesses some of the most organized features, such as a rapid release. 40.64cm rear wheels and a 31.75cm front swivel wheel that locks immediately. In order to provide a more secure experience, the ramp is equipped with shock-absorbing suspension technology.

Additionally, the machine can be folded and cleaned with soap and water for a more convenient experience.

Positive sidesNegative sides
Shock-absorbing suspension technologySingle color variant
Easily foldable   
Wider seats 

Bottom line

One of the most well-known companies in Australia that deals with the greatest baby ramps is called Joovs. Because of this, parents thinking about purchasing a branded product will choose the Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller as their first or top preference.

Buyers guide

One of the most studied subjects in the country is the best single prams in Australia. This is because baby prams are becoming more and more well-liked as time passes. However, there are many misconceptions people or parents have when looking to buy a pram for their kids or children. Let us examine its types and characteristics in order to make the pram a comprehensive solution. After browsing our curated list, parents will ultimately find a beneficial and healthy purchase.

Types of Baby Prams and Strollers:

Prams and prams are two terms that may be used interchangeably. However, there are a few small distinctions that must be taken into account. For instance, the prams keep a portion of the seat fastened to the frame rather than to the chair. They are often smaller and readily collapsible. Indeed, they are made so that babies or young toddlers can sit erect and straight. However, it may not be practical or pleasant for newborns in such postures.

On the other hand, when it comes to prams, are made for newborn infants and are made up of two parts: a seat and a frame. Talking about single prams in Australia. They could also be somewhat bulkier and heavier. But on the plus side, most of their seats are bigger than those in a typical scroller, and they completely recline.

Single pram – A stroller built for daily usage and specifically for a single kid. It offers the possibility of infant capsule attachments and bassinets, a drawing board attachment, and even a seat that can be simply flipped around. Ultimately, this will aid in traveling with the infant.

Double Pram: Double prams are an integral element of daily kid transportation. The double stroller is essential for siblings or twins who are almost the same age or who are close in age. Side-by-side prams are simpler to maneuver and provide the flexibility for two toddlers to play with one another. Additionally, tandem prams are often longer, making them more difficult to maneuver. Nevertheless, it will adapt to limited places, virtually as a single.

How to pick an efficient baby stroller

Some baby single prams are designed for small or newborn infants. However, few are intended exclusively for toddlers and older infants. However, you must check that the stroller you choose accommodates your infant’s weight and size. And for your convenience, do not forget to assess the pram’s significance.

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Design and attributes

There are several prams on the market. They all vary in one way or another. However, appearance and specs play a significant part in the buying choice of a buyer. With several companies offering identical items, it is up to the individual buyer to choose the one that best meets his or her requirements.

The design will aid you in selecting a trendy and practical product. For instance, when strolling about the city with your kid on a ramp, you may want to evaluate which one fits best in the trunk of your vehicle and which one you can carry on your shoulders. On the other hand, features combine to make a product successful in every imaginable way.

Make a prudent option by evaluating a healthy buy of your choosing.


If your youngster is sufficiently active and wants to move about, stability should be your primary goal. Ensure that the stroller has a well-balanced positioning system. This will enable the infant to move in numerous directions without compromising safety criteria.


Wheels are also of high importance since they constitute the foundation or pillars of a stroller. The larger the wheels, the greater the likelihood of stability and safety. Consider the wheel size prior to making a buying decision.


This technique varies from ramp to ramp, with some being foldable with one hand. However, few items may be folded with one hand alone.

Frame and wheel upkeep and cleanliness:

Everything must be maintained. Likewise, the same applies to the frame and wheels. Parents must inspect the wheels and structure of the stroller to ensure the safety of their child.

Regular cleaning of the crib is necessary to preserve hygiene and provide a pleasant environment for the child’s development.

Best Baby Single prams Final Discussion

After considering the pros and cons of each stroller on the list, parents in Australia have a good chance to get the stroller of their choice for 2022. We have presented the top 10 single baby prams that are the finest in their category. You may select anyone you choose.