25 Reasons: Should I Shave My Beard?


It’s a really personal question! However, you may shave your beard for a bit to determine whether you prefer the appearance of your beard, or you can go with a mustache.

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Because facial hair grows back after a few days, you might get a new beard or mustache style.

After experimenting with all the options, select between a clean shave, a moustache, or a beard.

Have you been growing a beard in recent months or years? Finally, you’ve accomplished your beard objective. And now for the bad news: every guy has to shave it off at some point in his life.

Some people find it simple to let their beard grow, while others find it impossible to shave their gorgeous beard.

A few factors might persuade you to shave your beard; it could be family or a new facial hair fad.

Check out the reasons “why would you shave your magnificent beard”?

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1. Climate Conditions

Summer is the worst season for sporting a big beard. During warmer weather, many men want to trim or shave their beard.

In the summer, a beard feels like a blanket over your face. You also sweat like a monkey.

However, some courageous guys preserve their treasured beard regardless of the conditions.

2. Time Required To Keep The Beard

It takes a lot of work to maintain an attractive and bushy beard. Even if you don’t do much for your beard, you should keep it clean and shining.

To preserve at least the beard hair on your face, follow the methods below.

• Trim the beard.

• Shave your beard.

• Comb it.

Apply beard oil.

• Style your beard with beard products.

• Making use of scissor trimmers

Shave the hair on your cheeks and neckline.

The list goes on and on. Did you grasp my point? It takes time every day to make the beard seem respectable.

3. Beard Maintenance Costs

So, are you making use of all that I discussed above?

All of these hair care products are pricey. To keep your beard healthy, you’ll need high-quality cosmetics, which will cost a lot of money.

Regular shaving, without a doubt, necessitates a significant expense. But what about maintaining the beard with the additional investment?

4. Bear Objectives

Every man has his own set of beard ambitions. Some people establish a goal of growing their beard for one year without cutting it. A few men are curious about the maximum length of their beards, which is determined by their DNA.

Each male has a particular maximum beard length, and you may grow a beard to that length. I guess it’s time to shave the beard after reaching the beard gal.

5. “A Bad Bet”

If you have placed your beard on the line and regretfully lost the bet, Your beard has vanished.

6. Thickness of the Beard

Not every man is endowed with a full beard. Some just style and keep their beards properly. A thick beard gives you a distinct appearance.

So if you want a nice beard, shave it off.

7. Professional Obstacles

However, not all employers let workers maintain their facial hair.

So, as a result of your work life, you may need to clean your beard.

Even if you’re doing interviews for a new company, you should shave.

8. Skincare Concerns

Dry skin combined with beard hair might make your skin flakes stand out more than before. You should take care of your skin type if you want to retain your beard.

If you have a serious issue, you may trim or clean shave your facial hair.

9. Partners’ Complaints

If your partner (girlfriend or wife) dislikes the feel of your beard, she may persuade you to shave it.

10. Looking younger

It’s normal for men with beards to seem older than their real age. Guys with clean shaves seem younger.

Why not shave your facial hair if you want to seem younger?

11. You Shouldn’t Put Food In Your Beard.

Food looks better in your mouth than on your plate.

Food often becomes lodged in your beard. It might be awkward to eat in public settings.

Why not shave it off to prevent yourself from this usual embarrassment?

12. Keep Beard Length in Mind

Beard grooming is time-consuming. If you prefer to maintain your beard in a certain style, the length, perfection, and trimming might be exhausting.

Shaving may relieve you of this regular annoyance.

13. Tired of Being Santa Claus

People may take advantage of your lengthy beard to make you the new Santa Claus every Christmas.

To save yourself, shave this beard.

14 Sick Of Children

A parent or uncle with a long beard who has little munchkins may be a good fit for the youngsters. They prefer tugging at your beard over playing other games.

If you have sensitive skin, it might potentially cause bodily harm.

15. Drying by Blow

Blow-drying your hair is a widespread practice. However, if you are running late, you must blow-dry your beard to seem respectable.

Your date or meeting may be ruined if you spend too much time blow-drying your beard.

16.Bad Beard

Facial hair has a certain direction. Shaving your beard may also help you get in one direction.

17. There will be no more old ladies staring at you.

Old women like seeing bearded men. They will gaze at your beard no matter how many times they have seen guys with beards.

Some guys love the attention, while others are just bashful. If you don’t want elderly people staring at you, tidy your beard.

18. Do You Want To Be In A Commercial?

If you want to be a commercial ad, you need to shave your big beard. Star.

Gillette, for example, will use a guy with a beard to promote their razor or trimming equipment. However, you must shave it afterwards.

19. Making Money With A Clean Shave

By maintaining a clean shave, you may appear in a few ads and films.

If you want to be an actor, try auditioning without a beard. You may become Hollywood’s next big star.

20. Women’s Attitudes

Women find beardless males more appealing and attractive than clean-shaved men.

Women see guys with beards as:

• There is 36% less worry.

• 38% are less generous

• 50 percent less cheerful

So it’s up to you whether to keep it or cut it off.

21. Drink Your Favorite Cocktail

While drinking, Longbeard may cause a slew of issues. The wine soaks your beard, which then spills all over your clothes.

Why not cut that lengthy beard so you can enjoy your favorite beverage?

22. To Benefit Charity

After enthusiastically participating in No Shave November, why not donate your facial hair to charity?

Many cancer-awareness groups reach out to males in order to help cancer survivors. However, beard hair may be used for charitable purposes.

23. To Get Passport Size Photo Clicked

For passport-size shots, it’s best to shave cleanly.

Never use a beard picture in your passport-sized photographs for professional jobs.

24-Patchy Beard

Have you got a spotty beard?

Some males appreciate the patchy beard, while others think it’s disgusting. Shave it off and keep it clean for a while.

Shaving on a regular basis may result in a fair and thick beard.

25. Fundraising

Are you in financial trouble? Do you want some cash?

You may make money by exchanging your lovely facial hair.

Many groups purchase hair to produce wigs, adhesive false mustaches, and a variety of other items.

Beard Styles For Various Face Shapes

Face ShapeBeard Style
Oblong FaceMutton Chops
Rectangular FaceFull Beard, Chin Curtain, or Extended Goatee
Round FaceGoatee, Soul Patch, or Chin Strap
Square FaceBalbo, Goatee & Moustache, or Chin Strap
Diamond FaceFull Beard, Goatee, Balbo and Chin Strap & Moustache 
Inverted Triangle FaceMutton Chops, Chin Curtain, and Extended Goatee
Triangle FaceBalbo, Goatee, Chin Strap& Moustache

How To Shave Your Beards?

When you go into a room, the first thing people see is your face. Grooming is essential for making a good first impression. Shaving a beard is a skill. To maintain a thick beard, it takes time and care to get a clean shave.

Check out the steps below to become a beard shaving master.

1. Soak your beard in water.

• Rinsing your face or taking a shower before shaving your face will help to prevent irritation and burning.

• Water weakens the face hair. And the moist facial hair is simple to remove.

• Remember how the stylists at the saloon moistened your hair before cutting it?

2. Use the shaving cream.

• A high-quality cream with a high moisturizer content is required to shave your beard cleanly.

• Because the cream makes the beard softer.

• The razor trims the beard gently, while the cream avoids irritation and burning.

3. Shaving Brush Use

• It is preferable to apply the cream using a shaving brush.

• Shaving brush creates a rich lather and lifts facial hair for a tighter cut.

4. Razor Quality

• Invest in high-quality razors to avoid skin irritation and rashes.

• Rashes and dry skin may be caused by blunt razors. For smooth skin after shaving beards, use high-quality razors.

• Replace your razors often. The razor blades get dull after 3-4 uses.

5. Clean Your Razor

• Rinse the razor with hot water before shaving.

• It eliminates clogged hair and works quickly.

• Hot water also lubricates the blade.

• Always rinse the razor with water after each stroke.

6. Use The Razor With Caution

• If this is your first time shaving your beard, you may cut your face a few times during shaving.

• Figure out how to use the razor.

• To begin, understand the direction of your facial hair development. Shaving in the opposite direction of growth might result in further cuts.

• Always shave the soft hair first; this gives the hard hair more time to absorb water.

• Never use a razor that is overly rough on your skin; this might result in razor pimples.

7. Shave once more

• Some males don’t get a clean shave after the first few swipes; re-shave it.

• Create additional lather and gently push the razor against your skin.

• Excessive shaving might cause irritation.

8. Wash Your Face

• Wash your face with warm water after shaving.

• Use a face cleanser with tea tree oil to prevent your skin against spots and burns.

• Wash your face with cool water.

• Use a clean towel to wipe your face.

9. Apply Balm Or Lotion

• Shaving causes the skin to lose all of its moisture.

• Apply an aftershave lotion to keep skin smooth and moisturized.

10. Keep Your Razors Safely Stored

• Stop being a slacker and maintain your razor, shaving cream, and shaving brush in their proper locations.

• Never leave shavers in the sink. To remove cream, hair, or oil from the blade, thoroughly rinse it.

• Shake it well and store it in a dry area.

• Also, never wipe them with a cloth. It will degrade the razor quality.

• If you want your razor to last a long time, clean it completely and store it properly.

11. Frequently shave

• Shaving more often smoothes your skin. And make shaving less difficult the next time.

• Hair that is soft and thin is easier to shave.

• Shave regularly to get smooth skin and fewer rashes with each shave.

After shaving the beard, you may get an appealing appearance by following all of the instructions.


Q: Which beard style is ideal for an inverted triangle facial shape?

A- Well, you may experiment with various styles on your face. To get the ideal beard style, try the Chin Curtain, Mutton Chop, and Extended Goatee.

Q: How can I treat rashes and burns after shaving?

A- Get fresh cloth.

Rinse it under cold running water.

Pat the afflicted area with the cloth

Q: How can I grow a thick beard?

A- You may nurture your facial hair with nice beard oil. Trim your beard on a regular basis to promote facial hair growth.

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You need to shave your beard. We have given you complete knowledge on the topic. Please feel free to shave your beard; there’s nothing wrong with doing that. Now it should be clear in your mind: “should I shave my beard?”.