10 Best Liberal Magazine 2022


Thousands of new magazines and papers are published each year in hundreds of political publications and journals, making it difficult to pick one.

At the same time, it sounds intriguing since you may regularly upgrade your knowledge using the best liberal magazines out here. 

In this blog post, we wanted to make it easier for you to keep up with the research and news you need to know, so we put together a list of the best liberal magazines for you to read. 

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Best liberal Magazine

Politics magazines address multiple facets of the political field, which we recommend you read.

Whether you want to learn about a certain issue or deep dive into hefty research viewpoints, we are certain that you will find anything on this list.

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Liberal MagazineDescription
1.India TodayLiving Media India Limited has been a New Delhi-based publisher of the weekly news magazine India Today since 1975. The Hindi name of its sister newspaper is India Today. Since 1975, Aroon Purie has been the magazine’s editor-in-chief, a post he has maintained nonstop.
2.The WeekThe magazine discusses politics, entertainment, social issues, trends, technology, lifestyle, and everything you should know.
3.OpenOpen is a smart magazine that educates its readers and provides the greatest narrative journalism available in India.
4.CaravanThe Caravan stories are composed of months of reporting and research on remarkable tales that employ pace, color, character, and style to keep the reader on the edge of their seat from beginning to end.
5.Economic and Political WeeklyThe EPW has continued to be a distinctive venue where academics, authors, politicians, unorthodox thinkers, NGO representatives, and political activists gather each week to discuss a variety of subjects, including economics,
6.SaritaIn this magazine, Sarita aspires to be intellectually challenging and progressively updated.
7.TIMETIME has received praise for bringing the best information into the fabric of American life through smart reporting, engaging writing, and iconic photography.
8.AtlanticSince its beginnings, The Atlantic has evolved into a must-read multi-media publication that provides insights on political, social, commercial, technical, literary, and artistic trends.
9.Breakthrough diplomacyPolitics magazine Breakthrough Diplomacy was only published once. India’s Ministry of External Affairs has published. Today, the star of India is rising brighter and brighter in the universe. 

1.India Today

liberal magazine

India Today is a weekly Indian news magazine published by Living Media India Limited out of New Delhi since 1975. India Today is also the title of its Hindi counterpart. Since 1975, Aroon Purie has served as the magazine’s editor-in-chief for the last three decades.

It is part of the India Today group, established in 1975, and consists of 13 periodicals, three radio stations, four television channels, one newspaper, a classical music label (Music Today), book publishing, and India’s sole book club. This magazine is the bests liberal magazine among others. The magazine, which began publishing in 1975 with a circulation of 5,000 copies and released its 30th-anniversary issue in December 2005, has produced five editions, has a circulation of over 1.1 million copies, and a readership of over 5.62 million.

2.The Week

Best Liberal Magazine

The best-selling news publication in England is called The Week. The journal covers various topics, including politics, entertainment, social issues, trends, and technology. Many socialistic things were discussed in this magazine, making it the best liberal magazine among orders of liberal journals.

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best liberal magazines

Open Media Network Pvt Ltd publishes a weekly news magazine called Open.

Open Every Week embodies our era’s political, economic, and cultural essence and is written and edited for the sophisticated minds of contemporary America.

Open provides the best narrative journalism in India, and a smart magazine educates its readers. Open is a magazine in continual dialogue with India, with cutting-edge writing on politics, the economy, society, culture, literature, art, movies, and sports. Open Media Magazines is the number one liberal magazine you can get. 


best liberal magazines

Delhi Press publishes the monthly news magazine The Caravan. The Caravan stories blend tension and immediacy with excellent fiction and genuine identities, tracks, and outcomes. They are the result of months of research and analysis on dramatist tales that employ pace, color, character, and style to have the reader attentive from beginning to end.

5. Economic and Political Weekly

Economic and Political Weekly

The magazine Economic and Political Weekly is published weekly. Economic and Political Weekly produces the publication.

EPW has a prominent place in the intellectual history of India, having been published as the Economic Weekly until 1966 and as the Economic and Political Weekly since then.

Over the last fifty years, the EPW has remained a singular venue. Scholars, authors, policymakers, independent thinkers, and NGO reps. Also, political activists gather weekly to discuss various fields, including economics, politics, sociology, the community, and the environment.


Indian liberal magazines

Sarita is a Fortnightly news magazine in Hindi. Delhi Press publishes it.

Sarita aims to remain intellectually provocative and gradually fresh in this magazine article. The magazine retains the balance between political, social, economic and industry, fiction, culture, and other subtle nuances of life. Having all the collections, this magazine is the best liberal magazine in India.


The time magazine

In its English language edition, Time is a weekly news publication. Written by Time Inc.
With its unique voice and reliable content, TIME is one of the most renowned news brands in the world.

TIME has received praise for bringing the greatest news into the fabric of American life via smart reporting, lively writing, and legendary photography. Each issue provides deeper insight into the world in which we live.

This magazine overall gives you a new perspective on the American lifestyle. You can consider this magazine in your reader’s list as having the best liberal magazines. 

8. Atlantic

The Atlantic

Over time, the Atlantic media has developed into a multi-media must-read that provides insights into political, social, and commercial trends and the latest technology.

Today, it has garnered more National Magazine Awards than any other monthly magazine for publishing the most recognized voices in the nation, including those of James Fallows, Hanna Rosin, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Alexa Madrigal, etc.

The Atlantic Issues presents novel ideas and a refreshingly straightforward perspective in print and online.

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9. Breakthrough Diplomacy

Politics magazine Breakthrough Diplomacy was only published once. Printed by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs. Today, the star of India is rising brighter and brighter in the universe. 2014 was a year of diplomatic breakthroughs. It emphasizes the wide range of our diplomatic conversation.

FAQS on Best Liberal Magazines

Q.1) Which is the best political magazine?

Ans: Time and India today are the best political magazines.

Q.2) What is the name of the Bengali language political magazine?

Ans: Desh is a Bengali-language political journal.

Q.3) Is Breakthrough Diplomacy a one-time political publication?

Ans: Breakthrough Diplomacy is a one-time political publication.