Why Is Canada Goose So Popular & Expensive

Why Is Canada Goose So Popular & Expensive

The performance of Canada Goose demonstrates its immense appeal. Due to the high-quality coyote fur, these coats are very comfortable. Even though it has several disadvantages, such as being pricey and uncomfortable, the product has never been out of style.

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Beginning Of Canada Goose

Metro Sportswear, a Toronto-based firm founded in 1957, has steadily increased the demand for Canada Goose-made jackets over the last decade. These jackets are in great demand throughout the winter, when people are eager to wear their warmest clothing to prevent the cold.

This firm mostly sells snowsuits, woolen vests, and raincoats during winter. Police officers and Canadian Rangers are the primary consumers of these items, which aid them in surviving the cold weather.

Snow Goose was launched by David Reiss, the son-in-law of the company’s owner, Sam Tick. During the 1970s, it was known as the Snow Goose. Due to the advent of another firm with the same name, it was finally allowed to drop the label and become Canada Goose. It occurred while the marketing of the company’s outerwear was in its infancy.

The modification in the company’s label also contributed to the development of the brand’s reputation for its outerwear, which was durable enough to withstand the harsh weather. In the 1980s, scientists in Antarctica were noted for wearing Canada Goose clothing. The fact that the first Canadian to ascend Mount Everest used Metro Sportwear’s custom-designed expedition helped the firm expand its brand.

In addition to the Arctic and the video crews of prominent sportspeople, many other professionals continued to utilize Canada Goose gear. In the 2010s, the company’s outerwear gained immense popularity and became a status symbol. The popularity of Canada Goose among celebrities has increased over the last decade.

After gaining the attention of celebrities, the firm offered its outerwear to Sundance’s film industry executives. Following this, the business had Kate Upton cover the Sports magazine. Daniel Craig introduced the brand as Rihanna on the streets. In contrast to the previous year, when Drake’s OVO clothing brand collaborated with Canada Goose to enter the hip-hop industry, the company’s reputation reached a high point.

Canadian Goose is the brand mentioned in Lil Uzi Vert’s poem. In films such as Manchester by the Sea and Spectre, Canadian Goose dominated the screen and became the focus of several featured songs. All of them served to solidify the brand.

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The New Yorker released an article titled “The Rise of Canada Goose’s Hollywood-Friendly Coats” to demonstrate the brand’s huge appeal. In this essay, the author describes the sensation of wearing these jackets: “I earned money, I spent it, and now I am warmer than you.”

The Drawback of The Clothing Brand’s Viral Popularity

While Canada Goose Company’s bottom line was satisfactory, it was not too late for unwanted attention. When PETA launched its campaign, this brand’s reputation began to decline. Sarah Jeffery from the television show Charmed was featured in a campaign solely against the Canada Goose with the phrase “Canada Goose kills.”

Animal rights advocates compelled people to boycott Canada Goose-containing items. It occurred due to the company’s assertions about using duck down and coyote fur in garment manufacture.

In contrast, counterfeiters produced imitations of the outerwear with the red-white-and-blue patch, making it difficult for Canada Goose to preserve its image.

The brand’s most costly jackets cost over twice as much as an iPhone. The costs and celebrity endorsements of the outerwear increased its appeal to counterfeiters and criminals alike. Nonetheless, Canada Goose was the first brand to experience this trend.

Due to the company’s prominence, another setback has happened. In the news last year, a guy from Michigan refused to hand up his Louis Vuitton luggage to an armed burglar. In the 1980s, adolescent homicide and robbery for their Air Jordans dominated newspaper and magazine headlines, making it a popular issue.

Recently, Yeezys dominated the news cycle. Cartier sunglasses have been associated with violent robberies in Detroit in the last decades. Due to the participation of young black youths, these crimes have been a source of racial and social discussion.

Since the departure of Air Jordans in the late 1980s, school administrators, public leaders, and the media have repeatedly questioned why disempowered youth need clothing that makes them feel unique. During the conversation regarding the theft of a Canada Goose, anonymous commentators expressed hatred against young black guys.

These young people were not alone in attributing the premium status that clothing is now experiencing. This was also accomplished by the influencers who wore them, and the price of these garments gave the brand a noticeable reputation boost. However, this popularity inspired some misguided individuals to steal costly jackets by abandoning their morals, resulting in unwelcome renown for the capitalist nation.

Despite being pricey, Canada Goose outerwear is regarded as high-quality gear owing to the comfort it provides. Here, we may evaluate the cost of their apparel.

     Canada Goose Product

      Price Range

1.     Men’s outwear


2.     Women’s outwear


3.     Kid’s outwear


It is well-known that Canada Goose gear has gained popularity throughout the years. The appearance of these clothing relies heavily on their comfort and feel. Here, you can discover some factors contributing to the brand’s success.

Canada Goose has credibly maintained its commitment to authenticity. The popularity of these clothing increased due to their superior quality.

Without relocating abroad, the corporation continued to produce its goods in a nation such as Canada, where the climate is very advantageous for the product.

It helped the brand win the confidence of Canadians by emphasizing the “made in Canada” idea. It allowed the people to purchase the clothing despite the wide price range.

Despite the company’s tremendous success, the firmness of the clothing was never compromised. Canada Goose offers essential items.

According to Dani Reiss, the CEO of Canada Goose, the company has declined proposals to manufacture women’s coats with absolute design elements.

Producing items that can resist very low conditions has long been a top goal for this firm, which specializes in cold-weather goods.

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The brand maintained faithful to its beginnings, allowing customers to appreciate the apparel’s quality.

In their pursuit of prosperity, many other firms lost their path to making high-quality goods. However, Canada Goose is renowned for its commitment to providing standard and necessary coats.

Companies often produce unending brand extensions due to their insatiable need for new clients and revenue. These additions lower the quality of conventional items. Due to this dilution, firms have a damaged reputation from which they cannot recover.

Canada Goose never used flashy marketing efforts to promote its goods because it thought its products’ quality alone was sufficient to attract buyers.

The brand’s first consumers were not celebrities. Still, mountain climbers, Arctic expeditions, and ordinary people desired shields for adverse weather conditions, and these word-of-mouth impressions contributed to the brand’s popularity.

These intelligent consumers played a vital part in the spread of word-of-mouth, which increased new customers and sales.

Like many other famous companies, Canada Goose has an inspiring comeback narrative that makes customers even more enthusiastic about the brand’s commitment.

These are the causes behind Canada Goose’s tremendous success. Despite several limitations, this firm has never failed to provide high-quality clothing. It has contributed to the company’s current level of popularity.

FAQs on Canada Goose

1. Are Canada Goose clothes comfortable?

Canada Goose is renowned for its high-quality outerwear. This garment section is constructed with coyote fur that suits its function. This fur surrounding the hood allows for a strong breath, creating a toasty sensation. This clothing is more comfortable than anticipated due to the hand-knitting technique utilized in its construction.

2. Does Canada Goose apparel survive lower temperatures?

Canada Goose outerwear is built to withstand harsh cold conditions. Each coat has a water-repellent coating to aid in the preservation of warmth and keep the wearer dry. It is reported that these coats can survive temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius.

3. Is Canada Goose outerwear expensive?

The high price range of these outfits is due to the uncommon quality of these garments. When seeking quality, pricing cannot be considered a meaningful consideration. These jackets were observed to determine the worth of your purchase.