Vilitra 60mg: Price, Uses, Dosage & Review

Vilitra 60mg


Active Ingredient(Generic Name):Vardenafil
Indication:Erectile Dysfunction
Manufacturer:Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
Packaging:10 tablets in 1 strip
Delivery Time6 To 15 days

Other medications are available to treat erectile dysfunction in males, but Vilitra 60mg is the best alternative. The advantage of taking this Vilitra 60mg is its effective and forceful action period, whose efficacy lasts.

Sildenafil component lasts 50% longer. Making it so that males have a strong erection and adequate blood is provided to the penile area, allowing you to spend quality time with your spouse while engaging in intimate sexual activity. It includes a PDE5 inhibitor called Verdenafil, which is more costly than Sildenafil tablets. However, the price will not be able to compensate for the good result.

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What is Vilitra 60mg?

The greatest treatment for erectile dysfunction or impotence in males is a prescription drug called Vilitra 60mg. This medication is available in a variety of dosages and strengths. The most reputable and long-standing pharmaceutical manufacturing organization in India, Centurion Laboratories, is the source of Vilitra 60mg. However, the cure for impotence is just temporary. To feel the drug’s influence on the body’s systems, which aids in the user’s ability to get erections, the user must continue to take the medication at the recommended regular intervals.

Vilitra 60mg is an excellent drug. Men would find it simpler to keep an excellent erection if they used this medicine, which causes an erection when there is too much blood in the penis. Vardenafil is a medication used to treat erectile dysfunction in males and pulmonary arterial hypertension PAH and benign prostatic hyperplasia BPH. It is a genuine and safe drug that has been medically evaluated and authorized by the FDA.

Vilitra 60mg Uses:

The following are some of the beneficial applications of Vilitra 60mg:

• Do not use this drug until you check with your doctor and he instructs you.

• Before taking the tablet, patients must read all medical recommendations. Also, stick to the doctor’s recommended brand since other brands will not function well.

• It is an oral drug that is used to treat not just erectile dysfunction but also blood-related disorders such as pulmonary arterial hypertension.

• The vilitra 60mg vardenafil pill was developed when there were no other viable treatments for erectile dysfunction. Vardenafil, on the other hand, has enough capacity to establish a burning closeness between the couples during sexual intercourse.

• However, to reap the full advantages of the Vilitra 60mg drug, the user must follow the correct dosing technique and take the pill regularly. It is effective in treating ED symptoms and assisting the user in achieving a firm erection.

• When a person uses this medicine, it demonstrates its efficacy based on his body’s metabolism and resistance capacity. And the medication has certain adverse effects. As a result, it is recommended that you visit a doctor before taking the medication.

• The consumer must not take this medication for anything other than ED.

• Take this medication with or without food. Swallow it whole without splitting it in half or crushing it.

• The medication is given 45 minutes before sexual activity and is effective after 60 minutes, but there must be sexual stimulation between the partners.

Vilitra 60mg Vardenafil Dosage

Vilitra dose is available in a variety of strengths. After examining his physical condition, the doctor will lead the patient to the dose. Vilitra 10mg, 20mg, and 40mg are the most common dose strengths. So, if your doctor has given you any medication in this precise dose range, then adhere to it without changing the dosage amount.

• Varied patients need different dosage recommendations based on their condition, the number of tablets they may take each day, and the timing of their dosages. It also relies on the individual’s physical health conditions.

• Erectile dysfunction: If the user is taking the drug for the treatment of ED and is above the age of 65, the suggested amount is 5mg in a single dose that cannot be taken more than once daily. The recommended dosage is 20 mg per day for persons of average age.

• Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension: If the user takes medication to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension, he must follow a tight regimen, including taking 5mg of Verdenafil once daily for the first four weeks. If the patient does not encounter severe side effects, the doctor will raise the daily dose to 5mg after a week’s observation.

• The dose is taken one hour before sexual intercourse, and the doctor will adjust your dosage as required. It is also absolutely inaccessible to youngsters.

Vilitra 60 mg Vardenafil Dose missed:

If the user forgot to take his conventional medication, he might take the pill as soon as he remembered. He is politely requested to wait until the next dose if he fails, and it is nearly time for the next planned dosage.

Vilitra 60mg Vardenafil Overdose:

When a user exceeds the specified dosage, he may suffer significant repercussions since there is no medication with no interaction or adverse effects. In this scenario, he is instructed to adhere to the dosing process to prevent a harmful situation. If the user overdoses, he must quickly identify his error and seek medical help or a local poison center. If he departs carelessly, he will gradually develop breathing problems, chest discomfort, and other symptoms. So there is no better choice than to see your doctor as soon as possible.

How to take Vilitra 60mg?

Take vilitra 60mg vardenafil with water and swallow it whole without splitting or crushing. However, avoid drinking alcohol or grape drinks while taking the prescription since they may interfere with the medication. The efficacy of this drug is unaffected by eating. You may take it with or without food, although a high-fat meal will slow down the absorption of the medication.

Vardenafil has the advantage of being 50% more strong and lasting than any ordinary dosage of Sildenafil. The user should speak with the doctor and be aware of any pertinent medical information before taking any medication, in addition to this dosage. He will also walk you through the procedure of taking the medication.

If you take the medication 45 minutes before engaging in sexual activity, the effect will likely begin in an hour. To have a lengthy and intimate love-making session, there must be sexual stimulation between the lovers. The average duration of medication in the human system is 4-5 hours.

Buy Vilitra 60 mg Online

vilitra 60 mg online may be purchased from a variety of pharmacies. Users must know and comprehend the distinction between reputable and fraudulent websites. He will avoid awkward situations if he gets the medication online instead of buying it from a local pharmacy, which is another benefit. Furthermore, many payment alternatives are accessible, making it easy for consumers to buy. They will also not let you down and deliver the stuff to your home on schedule.

Vilitra 60mg Vardenafil Precaution:

Some precautions to take before using vardenafil are as follows:

• It is mandatory for users to divulge their whole medical health history to their physicians to determine whether or not to prescribe the prescription to the users.

• If the users are already taking the tablet and have a cardiac emergency, the doctor must know when the user last took the vardenafil.

• The patient should not use vardenafil if he is already taking another medication, such as a nitrate component or other comparable goods. It has the worst interaction and may result in a dangerous health condition or death.

• Men must recognize erectile dysfunction difficulties during erection. And if they get an erection lasting more than 4 hours, they are advised to see a doctor immediately. If strong preventative steps are not performed, your penis may suffer irreparable injury.

• If users feel any loss of vision, dizziness, or hearing loss, they are advised to contact their doctor immediately.

• If the user is currently on blood pressure medication, using vardenafil simultaneously will cause your blood pressure to drop. It will cause unconsciousness, dizziness, sweating, and weakness.

• If the users are currently taking vitamin or herbal supplements, it is not advisable to use this drug simultaneously without first seeing a doctor.

• This drug is only for those above 18; minors or women should not use it. It is dangerous for the infant if the nursing or pregnant lady uses it.

Disclaimer: The information shared above about medicine is only for knowledge purposes. People are advised to use the medicine exactly as per doctor or personal health assistance guidelines.

Vilitra 60mg Side Effects:

Vilitra 60mg Vardenafil has the following negative effects:

• Users may have blurred vision, impaired eyesight, or blindness.

• Muscle aches, jaw discomfort, and back pain

• Chest heaviness and discomfort

• Fever, chills, and cool sweats

• Breathing and swallowing difficulties

• Lightheadedness, tiredness, and vertigo

• Inconsistent heartbeat, rapid pulse rate

• Fainting

• Extensive headache

• Itching and skin rashes

• Nausea, agitation, and vomiting

• Hearing ringing

• Swelling of the eyes, lips, tongue, and face

• Fatigue and weakness

• Dry mouth or dehydration

• Congestion

• Nasal bleeding

• Diarrhea

• A burning sensation in the stomach and chest

• Congested nose and sneezing

• Sleeplessness

• Throat discomfort

FAQs: –

Is this drug safe?

If used according to the doctor’s instructions, vardenafil is perfectly safe. This medication should only be purchased with the doctor’s approval. Users should avoid consuming this substance on the advice of friends or relatives. Using without consulting a doctor may result in significant complications. Also, stick to the doctor’s recommended brand while buying the product and not purchase from any other firm since the impact will be different and less effective. Aside from that, Verdenafil is safe to use since it is legal and genuine. Vilitra 60mg price is also very reasonable.

Is Vilitra 60mg safe to take for the rest of your life?

Vilitra is given at a dose of 20mg daily, taken roughly 1 hour before sexual activity. As a result, the doctor will adjust the dose depending on the user’s body’s resistance capability. However, the user is not permitted to ingest the dosage above the prescribed amount.

According to the method, just one tablet should be taken within 24 hours, not every day. However, if you engage in sex numerous times each week, your doctor will advise you to choose a different prescription that is more appropriate for you.

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Should I take 60mg Vilitra?

Yes, you may take Vilitra 60mg, but only under the supervision of a doctor. Only erectile dysfunction and blood-related conditions may be treated by using this medication, according to users. This medication is not the cause of any sexually transmitted illness. Therefore, the user should read all the medical instructions before starting this drug. Then it will be fully legal and real to use and provide the greatest outcomes as expected.