11 Best Wi-Fi Network Booster Apps for Android

11 Best Wi-Fi Network Booster Apps for Android


Network Signal Booster, Wi-Fi Analyzer OpenSignal 3G 4G Wi-Fi Map, Swift Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi Overview 360 are the most effective Wi-Fi Network Booster apps for android. We will list mobile network booster app that are free to download. Wi-Fi Booster & Analyzer are among the top Wi-Fi Network Booster Applications for Android Mobiles.

List of 11 Android WiFi Booster Applications

Here, we shall explain the functions and characteristics of each of the 10 applications. With the aid of this post, you will choose the ideal app for your mobile device based on your specific requirements.

   Application     Key elements
Network Signal BoosterEnhances the connection’s quality and the reception’s quality
Wifi AnalyzerDetermines which channels are free and which are occupied.
Open Signal 3G 4G WiFi MapDisplays a variety of network maps
Swift WiFiSophisticated interface optimizes the power of consumption
Wifi Overview 360Detects the presence of a Wi-Fi network and shows data in the form of tables and graphs
WiFi Booster & Analyzer Detailed information on the work that is being done
Wifi RadarAllows for the first search to be automated.
WiFi ROUTER BOOSTERImproves router Wi-Fi signal
WiFi Doctor FreeAesthetic and orderly user interfaces
 Network Signal Speed BoosterEnhances the reception of radio signals

1. Network Signal Booster

This app is a lifesaver when you’re trying to get a good signal while you’re moving quickly across something.

The creators of this program claim to be able to improve the connection and reception quality so that you get the best possible signal.

Some parts of your house may have poor connections, but the connection speeds on your balcony are 10 times quicker. Kind of like fa ree signal booster app for android. You’ll start seeing results immediately after installing this program.

You don’t need to do anything more than open the app and connect to the Wi-Fi signal through the network signal enhancer. Tap the “tap to boost” button after that. In fact, the best network booster app for android. This simple but effective program will make the connection much better in a big way.

2.Wi-Fi Analyzer

If you’re looking for a program that can tell you which channels are free and which are occupied, this is the app for you. Those who work on Android’s operating system will be delighted by this dessert.

The Wi-Fi Analyzer may be downloaded from the Google Play store in the same way as any other piece of software. In addition to being free, this software has received positive reviews from users. Its best wifi signal booster app for android. Using the information this app gives you, you can check your mobile device’s connections and keep track of any changes.

Using visuals, you may get the information quickly and easily. In addition, the program looks at the rating of the connections that are now available, taking into account the quality of their work. It has a simple and easy-to-understand user interface and can act on its own.

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This program may also help you find the optimal place in your house for a strong Wi-Fi connection, which can be quite useful for many people.

3) The 3G/4G OpenSignal WiFi Map

Because this program was designed to improve Android’s Wi-Fi performance, the creators invested a lot of time and effort into building it. Kind of like 4g lte signal booster app.  This program’s maps let users locate and connect to the signal, which is both convenient and effective.

The software allows Android users to test the connection’s speed. The OpenSignal 3G and 4G Wi-Fi maps are being praised by a large number of users who have installed them to improve their wireless network connection.

You can download this app for free from the Google Play store and start using its features right now.

4) Wi-Fi Streaming

This is the program you need if you want to find sites for network and data transfer. This software includes more than a million hotspots, and it’s constantly expanding.

Each proposed link in the database has statistics on the three criteria of security, speed, and signal quality. Swift Wi-Fi reduces power usage by turning off Wi-Fi when it’s not needed.

With this, users are able to access the points on their own and get information about hot spots over the web (speed, IP address, etc.). Notifications may be simply managed from the status bar and added as a desktop widget. To quickly post a status update on social media or send a quick message, users may utilize Swift Wi-Fi and choose a suitable hotspot.

It’s a user-friendly piece of software with a swanky look and feel. So, it gives users a simple but satisfying experience with a variety of options on the main screen, in settings, signal parameters, and other places.

This program has one of the finest databases of hotspots accessible, making it one of its rivals’ best. Since its launch in 2011, Swift Wi-Fi has received over 600,000 reviews on Google Play and 50 million devices.

5. Wi-Fi 360° Overview

This software is particularly built for wireless network optimization and administration. It is kind of connection stabilizer booster.  As a phone adapter, Wi-Fi Overview 360 will study the Wi-Fi network and provide information about each point in the reception area in the form of tables and graphs.

The following are some of the most important aspects:

  • This page contains widgets in a variety of formats.
  • The Wi-Fi will be activated automatically when you enter and depart the building.
  • The ability to manually scan and add the network.
  • Access to a wireless network is shown graphically and in great detail.
  • Using a channel check, the best choice may be found.
  • It’s a great match for tablet PCs.

6. Wi-Fi Analyzer & Booster

If you’re seeking a combination of use and aesthetics, this is the app for you. The work on your current Wi-Fi signal will be shown as a hammering diagram by this program. As a result, you’ll be able to monitor your network’s “heartbeat.”

There are a variety of tools that may help you improve your signal strength, and you can use this app to see how it has affected your stats. The current connection function will show you your device’s IP address and other essential information.

This program stands out from the others because of its user-friendly features. With this program, you may be up and running in a matter of seconds by just pressing two buttons.

7. Radar for Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi Radar is a program that helps you locate free Wi-Fi hotspots and connect to them. For those who don’t want a top-notch wireless network, Radar is an excellent and completely free option.

To speed up the process of finding connections, this program helps with the first search. All you have to do is download and run Wi-Fi Radar, and you’ll be able to appreciate the app’s efforts.

The following are some of the most important aspects:

  • Wi-Fi connections are simply found by a user.
  • It might be seen as a radar window. Non-technical people will be able to grasp it since it presents access points in a variety of colors.
  • Due to the access points’ being shown visually, users have an easier time using them.
  • Different Wi-Fi networks’ signal strengths are shown, making it simple to connect.

8. WiFi Router Booster

This software is aimed at those who wish to improve their router’s Wi-Fi connection. Signals may be seen as diagrams, and their strengths and weaknesses can be examined using this tool. With this, you can quickly and easily rectify the incorrect signal by yourself. Your connection may be analyzed statistically for further information.

That’s not all; it also provides you with useful information. It lets you know when your connection is going to break and suggests alternative free hotspots you can use in the meantime. This program makes it possible for you to connect to various networks with ease, which is a big plus.

9. Free Wi-Fi Doctor

All of the other programs of this kind that you have come across so far are unlikely to have a user interface that is particularly appealing. All of them will seem to be clean, technological instruments designed to reduce connection issues. You should use Wi-Fi Doctor Free if you’re a fan of fine art in every part of your life.

This program allows you to see every device connected to your network. Unknown Wi-Fi users will be turned off, resulting in a more stable connection for your device. It is applicable to the applications that are operating in the background of your phone.

You may use the Wi-Fi Doctor for free to ensure the safety of your Wi-Fi connection by recommending safe public Wi-Fi networks.

10. Network Signal Accelerator

Even though it’s the final app on our list, this one will help speed up your internet. The Network Signal Strength Booster, as its name suggests, boosts your mobile phone’s signal connection.

To use this app, all you have to do is open the app and let the stool’s capabilities take care of the rest. This is simple to use, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly your network’s strength changes.

Sensors in this application allow your phone to connect to the nearest cell tower with a strong signal.

This app is a simple and free way to boost your signal strength. This software has a wide range of features that make it appealing to a wide range of people.

11. WiFi Connect Easy Booster for Android

WCEB is another WiFi booster software for Android with a sizable user base and positive feedback. It is compact and packed with features. The software features a basic UI that displays complex hotspot data. The encryption type, signal strength in dBm, channel, and frequency are all specified. It is a great cell phone signal booster app for Android. WCEB can build a graph that depicts the information stated above. It offers a search function for finding a hotspot with a certain term in its name. It is 3 megabytes in size.


Is there a demand for network booster apps?

The need for more network capacity is only going to grow as the number of people who rely on mobile networks grows. Using these Wi-Fi boosters in conjunction with mobile phone data connections will provide an exceptional experience in boosting the signal strength.

Wi-Fi boosters may or may not work.

Finding the best Wi-Fi network booster might be difficult, but those that do function are generally seen as legitimate. With a strong connection, these applications will definitely improve the speed of the signal.

Does it take a lot of effort to go to the Wi-Fi network enhancer applications?

The majority of Wi-Fi network booster programs are simple to use, unlike the majority of other applications. Apps like these are made with non-technical or non-IT users in mind and cater to their needs.


We talked about the best wifi network booster apps for android and give you 11 different apps from which you can get a mobile network booster apps for free download. Free Signal booster apps are available on android as well as connection stabilizer booster apps. You can also download cell phone signal booster app android from the above links.