10 Best Wooden Wine Barrel Planters (Top Picks)

10 Best Wooden Wine Barrel Planters (Top Picks)


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Classic Home and Garden S1027D-037Rnew Whiskey Barrel Planter

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Best Wooden Wine Barrel Planters

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Wood Barrel Planter

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10 Best Wooden Wine Barrel Planters (Top Picks)

Wine Barrel Planters of Plastic, Resin or Wood. Barrels planters have long been a staple in outdoor home décor. They are not only built to survive, but their rustic appearance also beautifies your garden or deck. Wood, plastic, resins, or polymers make barrel planters.

This agricultural option, sometimes known as whiskey or wine barrel planters, gives a rustic touch to your yard. You may use these rustic containers to make tumbling flower beds, layer barrel planters, half barrel planters, and umbrella stand planters, among other things. There is no end to the options available for this kind of gardening.

You can find wine barrel planters and wine barrel planters for sale.

Costco wine barrel planters, plastic wine barrel planters, and how long do wine barrel planters endure? Red wine barrel planters, resin planters made of wine barrels, and Perth planters made of wine barrels.

Top 10 Wooden Wine Barrel Planters 2022

If you are looking for the best wooden wine barrel planters, you have come to the right place. Do not fear; we will cover every element of barrel planting. We have also included a list of the best 10-barrel planters you can use if you decide to purchase one. Even if you are trying to learn how to preserve wine barrel planters, you still need the best flowers for wine barrels.

While barrel planters are readily available in shops, it is important to have a selection of goods in your basket before adding one to your lawn.

1. Classic Home and Garden HD1-1027

It is a beautifully crafted whiskey barrel planter that measures 20.5 inches in diameter and 12.5 inches in height. It could give your yard a more vintage appearance. Its exterior is made of weathered wood with circular strips of metal hue.

The barrel has a robust and lightweight look since it comprises a high-density organic composite.

It is UV-coated to prevent attenuation even when positioned directly in the path of sunlight. It can hold up to 12.5 gallons of dirt to fill. At the bottom of the barrel planter, there are many pre-drilled holes. Additionally, you can get this barrel in lesser diameters up to nine and fifteen inches. Looking for Wine Barrel Planters, this product is best.

2. Vtete wood Barrel Planters

Fill your outdoor space with these lovely wooden barrels by Vette, which come in a set of three. As a result, you can plant a range of saplings simultaneously. The rough-style planter pots are manufactured of antibacterial wood and will give your home a rural feel. The top and bottom feature bi-metal bands with grips attached to help keep it stable and simple. The larger, middle, and smallest of the three pots have sizes of 7.5 inches, 5.9 inches, and 4.7 inches.
The major attraction of this barrel planter is that it is made of natural wood and comes in a set of three. It is, however, not prominent enough for professional planting. There are no drainage holes. To drain the water, it thus requires a saucer.

3. Best selection product Indoor/Outdoor Wood Barrel Planter


It gives your home a more rural appearance. This posting trio is designed to let you arrange your plants and flowers. The brown, rustic appearance of these planting buckets, which are constructed of natural wood, may add atmosphere to the inside and outside of your home. It includes a black metal ring at the top and bottom to keep everything securely in place and prevent damage from shrinkage.

Each of the three barrel planters comes with pre-drilled holes in the rock bottom to aid with emptying and planting. It is the most favored barrel planter due to its rustic appearance and set of three well-constructed components. Its fragile hands are the sole downside, making it unsuitable for tall plants.

4. VegTrug Barrel Planter giant 55cm Burnt Oak Finish

Do you want to employ a wood planter, entryway, or walkway in your area? What you should acquire is the greatest large burned oak barrel planter. The VegTrug Barrel Planter is seen here. It is a large planter with a maximum diameter of 55cm. It is composed of wood with a charred oak end. It has a porous plastic foundation that helps to prevent root breakdown. The breathable support allows air into the soil, which reaches and refreshes the roots.

You may obtain a full set of three barrel planters when you purchase this item. It is weather-resistant and made of long-lasting 100% FSC property wood. The largest size, 55 cm by 44 cm by 55 cm, is ideal when used to complement the ornament tree and contain plant buds. Additionally, there are two lesser sizes that you should consider.

5. HakkaGirl Wood Barrel Planter

You could get these three wood barrel planters from HakkaGirl to give your yard or garden a rural feel. The barrels are expertly built to provide a comprehensive and cost-effective gardening experience. The clearly old appearance and the water bucket-like form are some things to notice.

This plant holder’s highest and lowest points are strengthened with black metal bands. It incorporates dual facet handles for easy carriage of the barrel planters. Its rustic wooden appearance makes it one of the finest barrel planters. Its shortcomings include emptying holes and its modest size.

6. Master Garden Product Wood Planter

If you are attempting to plant numerous plants, this urn might provide you with more depth. This barrel planter’s depth and height of twenty-seven inches are sufficient for tall plants. New wine barrels are transformed into beautiful urn-style planters during the whole process. The urn’s body is composed of oak wood, and the rock bottom is cedar. The value of your home might be increased by having a range of those unusual barrel planters. 
It has drainage holes and a lovely wooden appearance that gives it an aesthetic edge. However, compared to others, it is expensive. Additionally, assembling it is a real pain.

7. Southern area HDR-007197 Hard Drink Barrel

Create a rustic environment in your outdoor space with this simple but attractive whiskey barrel planter from the South. It is constructed of a strong organic substance, which means it will not decay, as is usual with other wood planters. It may be utilized indoors or outside and has a gorgeous build that can transform your home. The industrial plastic structure has benefited from UV coating, which protects wear and tears from direct sunlight exposure.
This lightweight planter has a fifteen-inch diameter and can accommodate large and medium-sized plants such as tomatoes. Conversely, the barrel planter is not perfect for organic farming since the inside coating might fall off and progressively pollute the soil.

8. Gardens Hard Drink Barrel Planter

Invest in this hard drink barrel planter with a charred look to assist your yard in giving your garden a rural appearance. The farmers have an adequate room with a fifteen-inch circumference and a twelve-inch height to plant the appropriate crop. Two steel bands are also included at the top and bottom to help the barrel be strengthened.

The two bimetal grips on the edges will be used for simple lifting and transporting. To prevent overwatering, the planter also contains draining holes at the bottom of the rock. Depending on your needs, you may choose a group of all three sizes, or you can choose from big, medium, or tiny options. Easy to use are its two facet grips. The barrel planter is not the best kind for organic planting, either. It also has weak stems.

9. Leigh Country 0.5 Barrel Planter

Leigh Country has skill with its design, and these half-barrel planters will provide adequate planting space while adding flair to your yard. The planters, made of fire and scorched wood, offer a gorgeous rustic aesthetic that is a sight to see. The three 0.5 barrel planters each have pre-drilled holes at the bottom of the rock to allow for proper draining and prevent overwatering.

The individual stands that support the soil and the plants in the barrel planters provide stability. The farmer is ready to use and does not need any assembly.

It features a drainage hole to avoid overwatering and an attractive appearance. It is not, however, appropriate for outdoor gardening. It is much too light in weight.

10. Useful concepts Imp-L50-TC Impressions Palm Rain Barrel

You should buy this Imp-L50-TC Impressions Palm cistern if you want to collect water and direct it into your flower planter. The farmer’s imposing fifty-gallon capacity makes it a great tool for assembling fresh water. A water harvesting house with palm trunk details is refined and elegant. The palm sides include two spigots at the top and bottom that allow you to attach a hose pipe or channel water into a bucket.

The self-draining planter has a built-in overflow to prevent water damage and a screen that keeps debris like insects out of the water. The material used to make the plastic planter top is free of BPA. It may survive for many years and is designed to withstand severe outdoor elements.

How to choose Barrel Planters?

Gardeners have been using barrel planters to grow flowers, shrubs, vegetables, and other plants for a few years. Not only should experts do this, but amateur gardeners should as well if their available space is limited. Historically, barrel planters were composed mostly of wood or fashioned from previously used whiskey or wine barrels. These planters are available in a variety of designs. However, since wood rots, manufacturers are now producing them using artificial materials.

Types of Barrel Planters

Among the common varieties of barrel planters are;

• Classic planter: This is usually a half barrel filled with dirt and flowers that give your place a rural appearance.

• Flowing Flower Bed-The barrel requires little adjustment and is tilted to the side where the plants effuse like a liquid.

• Planter Half-Barrel- It is essentially a barrel that has been removed, divided into two parts, and given separate supports to increase stability.

• Barrel Umbrella Stand- It is a special kind of barrel planter where the stand is positioned within the barrel’s midsection, where the soil is stuffed, providing shade and giving your space a stylish appearance.

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Please consider the following when selecting a barrel planter:

• Material – Since wood constitutes most barrel planters, they are perfect for organic farming. However, you can see fake ones that appear like wood and are made to endure a long time.

• Drainage – Pre-drilled holes at the bottom of the barrel planters’ granite base aid drainage and reduce overwatering.

• Size – You should use a barrel planter with a reasonable depth for greater root development when planting existing plants.

• Transport – It has grips on the sides to make lifting and moving easier.

How to turn a wine barrel into a planter

Wine barrels, like other wooden objects, have a lengthy lifespan. In the earliest life of wine, barrels transform grape juice into delectable wine. Using a wine barrel as a planter is essential in keeping all the measures. The barrel’s second life might be whatever you choose; there are several things you can construct out of it. An attractive planter for your garden is one example.

However, not everyone has access to a wine barrel. But if you have one or can find one, we will show you how to do an awesome DIY project to transform a wine barrel into a planter.

Things required for DIY planter

  • Wine barrel
  • Circular Saw
  • Pencil
  • Chalk line pen
  • Tape measure
  • Sandpaper
  • Protecting eye gear
  • Protecting earplugs
  • Protecting gloves
  • Power drill & attachments

How to Use Wine Barrels for Planters

  1. Place the barrel on its surface and use the tape measure to know where the barrel’s center is.
  2. Then, Mark, the barrel’s center, uses a pencil. You can use small arrows to help avoid trouble.
  3. Once you have marked it with a pencil, you can now start to do the chalk line marker to mark wherever you will see in the barrel.
  4. Line up the chalk outline pen with the arrows’ center and snap the barrel’s line to leave a mark.
  5. Now that your barrel’s middle is marked, you may now begin to cut into it with your saw.
  6. Be sure to use your protecting safety gear and have your friend or someone else keep the barrel as you start to decrease.
  7. Please do not use a saw except you know correctly on how to use it carefully.
  8. Be sure to cut very gently so that the saw and barrel don’t have any sudden movements.
  9. Now, you have cut the barrel, Tap your back now!
  10.  Next, you require to make holes into the seat of the planters to allow for water draining.
  11. For that, just attach the spade bit to your power drill. You can use the 3/4″ spade bit to create preferably large holes.
  12. You can perform as many holes as you’d like, but we recommend 4-8 holes.
  13.  Now we have come to the ultimate and most natural step. You need to sand down the edges.
  14.  After you cut the barrel, you’ll quickly see those unfinished edges the circle saw leaves behind.
  15.  You’ll need to sand down those sharp points to avoid undesired splinters. Plus, it seems that much more polished with fine sanding.
  16. We recommend you decorate the outside of the planters with a protecting layer against harsh weather and rainfall.
  17. You have successfully done it. Now, as you have turned that old wine barrel into a planter, it’s ready to enhance your garden.

How to clean the wine barrel planter

Soak it up

If you find a lot of residue in the bottom, put some wood chips inside the barrel. These wood chips will dry up any leftover liquid. Leave the chips for several minutes to ensure that it has absorbed all the wine, and then drain them into the fertilizer or recycling bin.

Brush it out

You can also prevent the residue by brushing it out with an old dog hairbrush. It will attach to most of the waste and enable you to get it out of the container.

We recommend you do not put any chemicals to the barrel. These chemicals can soak into the timber of the barrel and then later affect the soil and plants.

Planting up wine barrels

Wine barrel planters add natural expression to the home’s landscaping. They can help you meet your gardening requirements in little areas.

They are ideal for courtyard gardens as well as large yards. These barrels give the flexibility to plant miniature trees, flowers, herbs, or vegetables in nearly all plant hardiness zones, including zone 10.

Dwarf Trees

Wine barrels have space to grow various types of dwarf trees. The reason is they are full and deep. Dwarf trees allow shade on a sunny patio or a length you require to supplement other landscaping in your courtyard.

You can grow Japanese maple trees in the barrels as well as kumquat trees and key lime. 

Green Plants

If you want to fill your wine barrel in the colder months, then non-flowing plants could be a great option. Coleus has pops of color on its leaves, such as foxtail fern, draping sprengeri, or a licorice plant. You can decide to intersperse flowering plants with green plants because these plants can live in the summer.

Otherwise, you can replace them with flowering plants or eliminate them to grow vegetables in the spring season.

Herbs and Vegetables

The unique thing about wine barrels is they provide a convenient option for vegetable gardening. There are plenty of greens that grow well in the barrels; a few examples are kale, Swiss chard, and mustard greens. Some other options contain small tomatoes, bell peppers, and summer squash.

However, many of these kinds of vegetables require good sunlight, so make sure that your place has enough light where you place your planter.

It will also be complicated to lift it, so first place it, only then fill it.

If you want to fill wine containers with herb plants, you can place it in the indoor sunroom or outdoors. You can grow various kinds of herbs such as basil, parsley, and mint.

Flowers – Best Flowers to plant in wine barrels

Wine barrels make superb planters for draping plants or growing flowering plants even after cutting in half. Plants such as sweet pea offer blooms all year.

You can grow snapdragons or delphinium to add dramatic height to your barrel. Wine barrels have a full top, so it gives you a sufficient amount of space to mix and match flower varieties, using lengthy plants in the middle surrounded by comparatively shorter plants, such as marigolds and pansies.

You can also plant draping flowers such as petunias around the edges.

Uses of Wine Barrel Planters

Wine barrel planters are one of the most versatile products that we stock. Here we have classified five use of wine barrel planters that you can consider before starting your project.

Barrel planters for growing plants, trees, and herbs

You can use barrel planters for growing various plants, trees, and valuable herbs. It is widespread to use it. It can be a lovely enhancement to your garden. Also, it adds rich character while giving a well-drained and robust structure to your pants.

Using planters for Fish Bowls

We use wine and whiskey barrels for distilling and alcoholic liquids because they are watertight. Thus, it could be a great idea to convert them into a fishbowl. That is how you can keep them outdoors.

Using Wine barrel planters as tables

What could be great than turning a wine barrel into the table on which you can place your wine bottles? It is the best way to make use of it.

Using it as Garden Water Feature

As we discussed above, wine barrel planters are watertight. It has the unique potential to convert a fantastic garden water feature.

Using Platers as a Dog Bed or Cat Bed

Are you the sort of personality who needs something special yet different for their pets? If you visited a pet store and could not find anything significant, then why don’t you turn wine barrels into a planter? It can be the best gift you can give to your pets. They are going to love it for sure.


Wooden wine barrel planters not only last longer, but their rustic look esthetically enhances your backyard area or deck. Barrel planters are made up of wood, plastic, resins, or polymer.

One thing we would like to accentuate is that the above compilation of the 10 best wooden wine barrel planters is not rank wise, you can choose any one of them. But while selecting the best barrel planter for yourself, you must keep in mind the guidelines shared for choosing wine barrel planters.

Also, your barrel planter should be one, which can fulfill your need. It is always a challenging and arduous task to choose the right product for themself from the ocean of the product. So while judging any barrel planter, always look for its quality of material, availability of drainage system, size, and portability. 

So, these are all about the barrel planters. We hope this blog will help you and solve all your queries about the same. We also showed some best wine barrel planters ideas that can charm your garden.