What Happens When I Block A Number On Android? Complete Guide

What Happens When I Block A Number On Android Complete Guide.

When you block a number, that number is no longer able to contact you. You no longer receive calls from that phone number. You, too, are not receiving their messages.

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Anyway, what happens when you block a phone number?

To begin with, understand that after blocking a phone number, you can still call that number as if nothing had happened. You can also send text messages to the number. Regardless, they will receive your instant messages but will be unable to respond.

Let us get right to the point: calls ring once and go to voicemail, but messages are routed to a “blocked senders” folder. Along these lines, it is not a “block” in the traditional sense of the term. All else being equal, it is a “redirecting,” but the blocked party receives no notice that they are being blocked.

Because the block is one-way, you can begin communicating from your end while the phone number you have blocked cannot. However, if it is all the same to you, you can unblock the phone number and continue communicating with the phone number you recently blocked.

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How Do I Block a Phone Number?

Blocking is simple on iPhones, but there are several ways to block a number on Android phones, depending on the model. Some models have a blacklist option in their “settings,” but some older Android mobile phone models do not have one at all. However, there are numerous methods for blocking numbers on an Android mobile phone; in this article, we will discuss various methods for blocking a specific number of your choice using a phone’s default features and some useful apps that you should consider. Most importantly, you can block a number from your service provider based on your preferences.

How Do I Block Calls on My Android Phone?

The model of the phone and the Android operating system both affect this strategy. On any Android cell phone you can think of, there are techniques to block a number. While some of them vary from one another, you may locate such techniques by looking for certain terms on YouTube or on the XDA Developers forum.

There is no common solution to banning numbers on Android mobile devices; earlier versions of Android smartphones may not even allow call filtering. But for phones like the Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4, XL, there is a stock version of Android later than Android 6.0 Marshmallow in which you may block the calls using the phone’s native capabilities.

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How To Block Calls On A Pixel Phone?

In the “Phone” app, go to the more choices (vertically stacked three dots), then pick settings> call blocking/blocked numbers, and block the number you wish to block, and then press on Block. And you may also report these numbers as spam.

How To Block Calls From The Android MessageApp?

Long touch the contact/number you want to block and then hit the block icon (a circle with a line through it), normally located in the top right corner. You may also pick the additional options button, which is situated near to the magnifying glass symbol, tap on settings > call blocking/blocked contacts, and choose the number you wish to block.

How To Block Calls On The Android Stock Mobile Phones?

You may disable incoming calls from the call log by first long-pressing the number you wish to block, then tapping on the More button and selecting “Add to reject list.” That is all. This will assist in blocking calls from the given number.

How Can Calls From Your Contact List Be Blocked?

If the person you want to block is in your contacts list, such as an unpleasant family member, friend, or ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, open the contact app on your phone, pick the contact you want to block, and then touch on the little pencil symbol in the right-hand corner.

Then, in the top right corner, click the more option, and then select the option that reads “All calls to voice mail,” and all calls from that specific number will be routed to your service provider’s voice mail mailbox.

How can I Block calls from the settings menu?

From the home screen Select Settings > Call > Call Rejection > Auto Reject List > Create it from the three-spot menu. Android phones will now have an inquiry box that will appear. Fill in the phone number or name of the person you want to block, and that name will be placed on the Auto Reject List.

How Do I Block a Number on My Samsung Phone?

It is easy to block undesirable numbers if you have a Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus or any Samsung phone. On your home screen, press the Phone icon, then the three-dot menu in the upper-right corner, and finally Settings.

You will see block numbers listed here; you can also use this menu to manage the numbers on your block list. Switch on the Block unknown calls option if you want to automatically block unknown numbers.

You may also exclude numbers from your call log. To do so, go to Phone > Recents and choose a number or contact. You would then be able to block the number being referred to by tapping Details > Menu (three dots in the upper-right corner) > Block number.

On certain older Samsung phones (such as the Galaxy S8), you will have to touch a number or contact; then, hit Info, and you should find Block in the bottom right corner.

How Do You Block Numbers On An HTC Phone?

HTC, like Samsung, has included call blocking. To use it, launch the Phone app from your home screen and go to Call History. Long-press the number you want to block and choose Block Contact or Block Caller. You may survey banned contacts in the Phone app by hitting the menu icon in the top right corner (three vertical dots).

How Do You Block Numbers On An LG Phone?

Explore the Call Records tab in the Phone program. Press the number to be blocked, then tap the three-dot menu in the upper-right corner. Starting from the menu, choose “Block number.”

You may also search, add, or remove numbers from your block list by using the three-dot menu in the upper-right area. Call blocking and Decline with message (Blocked numbers) are the options.

How to Block Calls Using an Android App

An application might be the best option for you. In any event, we recommend learning about security measures before deciding on one, since the most popular free call-blocking software collects and potentially shares a lot of data, including your contact list. Here are two or three healthier alternatives.

Should I respond?

Should I Answer? is not your typical call-blocking app. It is ready to block specified phone numbers or all phone numbers other than those in your contact list. Should I Answer? displays a succinct representation and client surveys of the incoming number, as well as the option to provide your own rating or add the number to a private block list when you get a call.


RoboKiller will automatically prevent a large percentage of spam calls and robocalls because of its large database of over 1.1 million spam numbers. The blocklist is updated on a regular basis to keep con artists at bay. You may also verify banned numbers in your recent call list and even find out why they called. The hitch is that RoboKiller is a membership management system.

After the seven-day free trial, you will have to pay $3 per month to continue using the app.

Impede utilizing native phone features.You may block a phone number via the settings menu, contact list, messaging app, and so on.
Using the phone’s native features, block.Use programs such as Robokiller, Should I Answer, and so forth.


Which Method Is Best For Number Blocking?

If your phone lacks a native option for blocking calls, you will eventually have to utilize an app. However, if you have that function on your phone, you should utilize it. The procedure may be difficult, but it is a handy choice.

How Can You Tell If Someone Has Blocked Your Phone Number?

Your calls are never returned. The biggest indication that anything is wrong is that you are phoning and sending instant messages but receiving no response. There might be a variety of causes for this, but one possibility is a blocked number. Messages sent will seem to be received normally in most circumstances wrong is that you are phoning and sending instant messages but receiving no response. There might be a variety of causes for this, but one possibility is a blocked number. Messages sent will seem to be received normally in most circumstances, but the recipient will not get them.

A single ring will take you to voicemail.

If you call a number and receive the standard number of rings before hearing a voice message, it is a regular call. If you are banned, you will only hear one ring before being diverted to a phone message

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Automated Reactions

If you make a selection and then get a notification that says “the customer is unavailable,” that person’s service provider may have banned you. The message may vary, but the result remains the same.

Something else could be the case.

If you suspect your phone number is restricted, do not jump to conclusions. There might be a fundamental reason why your calls are not being accepted. There might be a network outage, and the individual’s phone could be broken, the battery dead, or they might have forgotten to recharge their monthly calling plan.

A call was declined with a single ring. Is it because that individual blocked me?

Most likely, yes. If you are encountering problems with every call you make to that individual, there is a good likelihood that they have blocked you.

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