Why Do Guys Look at me But Don’t Approach Me & Its Solution

Why Don't Guys Approach Me

Have you ever wondered why guys do not approach you? Guys may not approach you for a variety of reasons. It might be your demeanor or your dread of rejection. On the other hand, a lady might adjust her attitude and approach to attract the appropriate person.

Insecurities are a natural aspect of life. Growing up, I had pals who wondered why no boys approached them. Their pretty outfits, makeup, and text messaging did not transform their relationship status.

If you’re stunning but still can’t get a date as easily as you should, you may want to modify your mindset. The idea of man’s scarcity is debunked. The number of women in relationships with the men of their dreams demonstrates this point.

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Most guys want more than meets the eye. You may be the most beautiful woman in the room, yet your irritating body language could turn people off. My conclusion from the combined experiences is that you must solve a few concerns. Here are a few pointers I would provide you to help a man approach you more easily:

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Nonverbal Communication Techniques

The first thing guys notice is your body language. Well, not first, but you get the idea. When you conduct yourself in a manner that gives off a negative aura, guys see it as attentionseeking or clinging. Men will flee if you are overly loud, pretentious, or flashy.

Similarly, boys will think twice before approaching you if you are shy, timid, and uncomfortable. You can’t expect anybody to locate you if you’re hiding from the world.

My point is that your body language reveals everything about you, and a little finetuning never harmed anybody. Arrogance and overconfidence are turnoffs. What if the roles were switched?


They expect women to gossip, gripe, and complain about how miserable their single lives are. However, guess what? That is not something anybody wants to hear, especially if he intends to take you out.

Manipulating a man into giving you what you want isn’t the way to go. The bestcase situation is that a whining female is perceived as arm candy. A guy’s style and social position will not be jeopardized by a female who trashtalks and complains about dating and guys.

Be courteous to the person and give him some slack. Giving him a chance isn’t difficult. That is how things will progress.

A Desperate Feeling

Another significant turnoff is behaving as though you desire the man just because you’re single, desperate, and emotionally shattered. Men don’t believe it. It’s the most difficult kind of emotional baggage to cope with.

Believe in yourself and what you are entitled to. Face them squarely, but not arrogantly. When you act desperate, men balance desperation with low standards. That is not the correct stance to take.

Another key issue you should address is the continual sense of being validated and ensured and the fear of the lack of such an attitude. Men despise it because they have experienced enough pain with desperate women.

Take Note of the Men Who Are Interested in You:

Several guys want to date you. Some people are desperate and in need and do not deserve your attention. Most women do not satisfy society’s ideals of beauty or a flawless physique, yet the proper kind of men approach them.

The solution is easy. Men who are interested in you catch your attention. Choosing the wrong guy out of insecurity and desperation will return you to the same tragic circle of poisonous relationships. Allow these guys a chance and be open to their attention. You may strike gold.

A competitive and combative demeanor

Every man does the same thing. They desire what they cannot have, and you will be the one who cannot have it. Be reserved while discussing your experiences and information. Only speak out when probed or prodded, and only if you’re at ease.

Making it clear that you want to date a man won’t help either. Being pushy about the female gaze or competitive about how much better you are than the rest of them is a nono. Why not be the riddle that everyone wants to solve?

What Men Might Be Missing:

The man may not approach you because he is afraid of you. You see, it’s not always your fault.

Too Elegant For Him

Many guys prefer to settle for less since it means less effort. You may be the ideal lady out there. They will not be able to approach you because of your unrivaled skill, knowledge, and wit. In this circumstance, people may feel uneasy and inadequate.

The important thing to remember is that you must not lose your sophistication to impress them. Wait for the right guy and trust that he will reach your center of gravity soon.

He is concerned about competitors.

They will not contact you if you are just the lady that every man wants. A man may believe that gaining access to you will require him to avoid a lot of competitors and, once again, too much labor.

However, if you think the man is perfect for you, drop subtle hints. Don’t be pushy or competitive, but attempt to start a discussion or prefer his company over that of his other mates. Make sure you don’t cross the narrow line between subtle and desperate.

You’re Not A Simple Catch

A sophisticated lady understands her value, and if you are in the company of lazy guys, you may not be contacted since you are much beyond their expectations. Stay clear of twerps looking for an easy catch. Your wit might save you a lot of time and mental anguish.

These guys desire the easy way out and like to be pursued and relied on. On the other hand, your challenging and subversive personality perished are NOT looking for.

They Are Afraid of Being Rejected.

Rejecting a man’s proposal is the worst thing you can do to his ego. Most guys have been rejected several times, and the dread of rejection is genuine and terrible. If he has seen you reject other guys with whom he identifies, the dread becomes more genuine.

Your energy might offer him this notion. He will not approach you if you are distracted by anything else or entirely ignore him. Put on your best flirtatious face and give the message that you’re interested. Take your shot while there is still time. Men move on fast because of fears, poor EQ, and difficulties.

How Do You Get a Guy to Approach You?

Dating isn’t always easy. Our attention is drawn to the phone, and we often overlook a possible match. A clothing change and your attitude may help you capture someone’s attention just as fast. Bring them to you because we both know you deserve all of their attention.

Female energy is about receiving, while masculine energy is about providing. Put your dating requirements first.

Be your best: There is more to individuals than appearances, but the first thing a guy observes is your appearance. Nothing is wrong with it since the aesthetic part is equally essential. Are you familiar with dropdead gorgeous? Pay close attention to your hair and makeup. Wear clothing that you feel comfortable with and is respectable. This characteristic will provide you with natural confidence and flair.

Men like confident women, particularly those who know how to bear their doubts and weaknesses. Stand straight to improve your posture. However, be relaxed to exude confidence and sophistication. In many cases, improving your posture is the first step. It’s a winwin situation!

Body language is important because it sends information that may be perceived differently. Men may not seem to be cautious, but they are. If they should approach you, your body language will inform you. Sit casually and don’t send any negative signals. To provide a pleasant aura, your heart chakra must be receptive to connection and praise.

Keep your phone away. Not all guys want you to glance at your phone when they make a move on you. Put your phone aside unless you’re having a genuine discussion.

Smile: The greatest technique to improve your attractiveness is to smile. With its welcoming air, it also makes you approachable. Avoid making a resting bitch face since it will not assist your case.

If you are not comfortable going out to locate possible partners alone, bring a companion with you. However, avoid packs and groups that may mar your looks and attitude.

Make Eye Contact: Make eye contact with a man if interested in him. This communication will make it evident that you are interested. It simplifies the approach situation for both sides.

By pretending you know him, reading his body language, and matching his mood. Mistaking him for someone else is a terrific icebreaker. It may seem odd, but it is an excellent conversation starter. Be bold. That is something that men appreciate.

Positive Energy: Talk, laugh, and enjoy yourself, but most importantly, be happy and at ease in your skin. Nothing is more appealing than a woman who exudes good energy.

Laughter: Laughter is a sign of happiness. Laugh aloud and tell them you’re in the mood to be sneaky. Laughter takes away the uneasiness of the initial approach. That way, he could start a discussion.

Flirt –Make an effort to meet new people. Flirting is very acceptable. Flirting makes you more marketable and expedites the completion of tasks. Furthermore, your flirting approach reveals a lot about your personality.

Have a vision: You must be clear about what you want from this relationship. You should first communicate in a onenight stand or a longterm relationship.

Make a list: Once you’ve decided what you want from a possible mate, write it down. You won’t allow your emotions to get in your dating life this way. Writing things down also allows you to have a better perspective.

Know Yourself—Most guys want to get to know you immediately. To sound more proactive, you must first understand who you are. Put your best foot forward. Participate and ask questions.

Social skills are more than simple communication. An alert eye watches how you hold yourself, consume your meal, and act in a certain scenario. If you want to stand out, work on honing your talents and presenting the best version of yourself.

Patience is a trait that you must cultivate if you want to be successful in dating. It takes time to find the right person, and impatience can identify you as desperate. Hold on and wait for the right guy to come to you.

Be Prepared: Get rid of your emotional baggage before you start dating. That is not what you want from your relationship, and you should not bring it into the mix.

Be Realistic: Take a realistic attitude and use deception if the risk is worthwhile. If you aren’t realistic about dating, it might be exhausting.

Optimism: Maintain a cheerful attitude, even if the date isn’t going well. Every encounter is a learning opportunity, and you will learn much from them.

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Be Informed-Learn as much as you can about the individual who approaches you. If they are evasive about their whereabouts, they may not be worth your time.

Top 7 Things A Guy Wants Mostly From A Girl

1.You ThinkShe Feels
2.You approach and court.She Sits Back and Accepts
3.You Base Decisions On Facts and ExperienceShe Bases Decisions on Emotions and expectations
4.You Say You Like/Love HerShe Tests To See If You Like/Love Her
5.You State Your NeedsShe Makes You Figure Out Her Needs
6.You Have To LeadShe Gets to Follow
7.You Want SexShe Withholds Sex
8.You Think Sex is Primarily PhysicalSher Thinks Sex Is Primarily Emotional
9.You Don’t Read Minds.She Thinks She Does


By implementing everything we discussed above, you can easily communicate with any guys you won’t. They stare at you. That’s the perfect opportunity to grow. There’s no shame when a woman approaches a quality man. Bear in mind you are the best, and you can always attract and keep your dream man.

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